Ticketmaster Quietly Changes It’s Ticket Refund Policy :(

Since we last discussed the Ticketmaster Company and how they were going to be dealing with refunds on the veritable bevy of cancelled and postponed live events (seen HERE) due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there have been a few clandestine changes to their process.

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So I first learned of this in the early hours of the day from our friends over at Ghost Cult Magazine and then did a little digging myself. According to some research and broadcast from Digital Music News, the original policy of refunds being made available should your event be POSTPONED OR CANCELLED were clearly lined out. See the graphic below for good measure.

ticketmaster policies
Ticketmaster Original Postponement and Cancellation Policy

If your event is cancelled by the promoter or the bands manager, label and so on you seem good to go and while you will not be getting the show you had been counting down the minutes to, you will get your money back. Eventually of course which means its in their account earning interest when you most likely can use it back in full based on what is going on around us at the moment. See the latest graphic on this which I snagged from their website just before compiling this narrative.

ticketmaster policies
Ticketmaster Newest Cancelled Policy

Now for the part that is going to make a lot of you mad. It seems that if you event will still be happening and at a much later date that you will NOT be able to get a refund on the ticket expenditure. I realize that the diehard fans of big touring acts like KISS, Motley Crue, Foo Fighters and the rest will more than likely find themselves at the new dates whenever they might be. However, there are those who just cannot do a rescheduling for any number of reasons. See the latest image on this down below too. Again, just snagged before typing this update for your viewing pleasure.

ticketmaster policies
Ticketmaster Newest Postponement Policy

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So in a word that sure does suck the big one. In the past I’ve had to bypass new dates because I just couldn’t miss any paying work or out of town visiting time and I got the money back. I don’t think that Ticketmaster will be making any new friends with this policy and I’m going to venture to guess that none of this includes a refund of the processing fees that they are rather famous for overcharging the masses. My suggestion to those who used credit cards is to content the payment if you cannot get your money back and you sorely need it. Let them fight the battle out for you and of course take it to their social networks and the bands event pages if you need to. Let’s see if this remains the case going forward because it apparently only recently changed. Since the time of all these postponements being announced we’ve found many of the smaller venues who use other ticket mechanisms posting that they would prefer NOT to offer refunds and instead do a fair trade for another show if you cannot go. Chime in down below with your thoughts on this, I’ll be approving all the topical submissions straight away. Good luck and I will see you next time around.

Official Website: http://www.ticketmaster.com

2 thoughts on “Ticketmaster Quietly Changes It’s Ticket Refund Policy :(”

  1. So it’s up to the event promoter or the band to issue refunds for postponed shows. They should offer refunds or risk losing fans.

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