“This Is Real” by The Last Stand

Artist: The Last Stand
Title: “This Is Real”
Label: Irish Voodoo Records
Release Date: 6/9/2017
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Rating: 4/5

Truth be told I really don’t do a lot of Hardcore reviews here on PiercingMetal.com and despite that oversight we’ve a strong appreciation for the bands of legend like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and even some Murphy’s Law when it all comes down to it. It’s important to stress that this oversight is not based on indifference and instead more of a “going with what you know” sort of things and with us that is a deep breadth of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Punk and this is what made my overview of the new EP by The Last Stand a bit of a quandary but once I started streaming “This Is Real” it became a little easier of a task. The EP begins with a building riff that leads to an almost Thrash Metal sort of crescendo and when the quick paced drumming kicks into gear it’s enough to get you off your feet and start the circle pit. The words for the album’s title lines out how this is more than just clever phrasing and is instead a lifestyle that is believed in firmly. Good stuff.

“The Ride” has a nice drive to it with solid guitar work and some steady drum patterns. It’s a very Metalized track to be honest and I was noticing that from the beginning as well. “Path Of The Righteous” continues the bands sonic assault and shows them crossing over more into their NYHC sensibilities and this continues with “Still Bleeding” which I felt was the fastest track on the release. The members of The Last Stand are Michael Scondotto (Vocals), Dion De Nardo (Bass), Stephen Della Croce (Guitar) and Jimmy McCormack (Drums) and historically speaking, Scondotto also fronts the band Inhuman while the rest of the group are former members of the band Shutdown. Those Lifers of the NYHC might find this of value when trying to decide on giving this release a go. With “Big Mouth” we are treated to some tasty drum patterns but not quite something to be considered a solo and it kept the band as unique since rapid fire attacks like most Hardcore music is just a steady throttle. There are a lot of “gang vocals” during choruses across the EP and those are familiar vibes to the schooled NYHC listener and when they closed it up with the very short “Choose To Be”, the difference in the recording state of this one led me to think this was a live track from the studio. The recording on this one is rather sound and that impressed me from the get go.

Now I guess your question to me would be, “well Ken, I LOVE the vibe of NYHC and consider myself an expert – Will I like this EP? In the event that you’ve never heard the name before and are one of those fans who are hesitant to give anything new a chance, let me tell you that if you are currently enjoying the sound of bands like Hatebreed and the still very active Suicidal Tendencies or SOIA, that this might be right up your alley. It’s got a deep NYHC vibe for sure and there is enough of a Metal sound to it that will bring the curious to the table. The album is also under fifteen minutes in length and if you cannot devote that much time to listening to something new and energetic, then I suggest you go back to puttering around on your Facebook and listening to the same old same old. Nice work guys. Good luck.

Track Listing:
1. This Is Real
2. The Ride
3. Path Of The Righteous
4. Still Bleeding
5. Big Mouth
6. Choose To Be

Official Website: https://www.thelaststandnyhc.com/

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