There Will Be NO Paganfest USA Tour In 2015 :(

The news broke just as Wednesday night was ending and after some fact checking I can now confirm that there will be NO Paganfest America Tour for the Year in Metal 2015. It’s time for you to fold up your sheepskins and safely secure your swords and hammers.

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The touring page itself posted the succinct but sad news on their Facebook Page and it simply stated “hello everyone , there will not be a PAGANFEST in 2015 , lets see what happens in 2016 , thanks for your support”.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Since 2008, the Paganfest has been bringing bands like Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Turisas, Tyr and Ensiferum to the stages of the USA and I am happy to say that I have been in attendance to every single one of our regional metropolitan appearances. Now with that being said, its also safe to say that this tour was starting to become too repetitive. It seemed as though we were always finding either Korpiklaani or Turisas on the roster or both of them. Not that I minded those bands but since the premise was to bring over some new musical ideas to our side of the globe it was always great when a new act was featured and exciting to see them going over well in front of a packed venue. The NYC shows were often packed and that is because its NYC and there is more of a chance of this happening but what of the outer regions? Did this tour fare well night after night in places like Spokane, deep down in Boise? Who knows but I sort of doubt it. What I liked about these tours myself was the ability to also turn on my circle of friends who would not see this stuff all that quickly if I was not making the suggestion. I cannot tell you how many of them would likely only ever see Slayer, Sabbath and Maiden if they had their way. Granted those are solid choices but they are also bands that do not need the support that stuff like this does.

Let’s hope that the year of a break shines a greater interest in the packages return and that any retooling done (if that is what they are seeking to do) will find it returning to its original fire and excitement. So many of the bands that had come over are now headlining tours of their own so there is no better time than to put new acts in front of us. What do you readers think about Paganfest USA skipping a year and what are your favorite memories from it if you had attended any of them in the past. Do please chime into the comments as they have been left open for you to do so.

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I took a few moments to embed some surefire choices for your own Pagan Metal library. Each of these albums resides in my collection and are high recommendations.

2 thoughts on “There Will Be NO Paganfest USA Tour In 2015 :(”

  1. I agree with a lot of your comments. I’m out in SF and have been to the last three. Always packed and great but they are smaller venues. I would agree with you about repetitive bands except that Paganfest 2015 in Europe is having Wintersun headline and it’s so hard to see them tour. Really really bummed they aren’t coming to the US. I think what we really need is an Ensiferum/ Wintersun tour 🙂 maybe then We’ll get to hear “Into Battle” live

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