“The Warning” (remaster) by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “The Warning” (remaster)
Label: EMI Music/Capitol Records
Release Date: 5/6/2003
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 8/10

The first full-length album by Queensryche took the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock world by surprise and with their support of both KISS and Iron Maiden (who were pushing “Animalize” and “Powerslave”) the band was instantly able to put themselves in front of a great potential fan base. The material on the new release “The Warning” and the bands incredible sound allowed them to stand as tall as these heavy hitters and along with music from the self-titled EP performed to an outstanding reaction. The touring for this release pretty much opened the door for Queensryche because back then the only folks who would have had the EP were those who often scoured the back pages of Rock magazines of the time and dug through record bins digging for gold. Queensryche was smart in the decision to not place any songs from their EP on the debut release which almost guaranteed that it would be purchased if you found yourself impressed by them. Most listeners to the growing Metal genre would find this to be the case and discover a band deeply rooted in the teachings of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest yet moving in a more technically progressive nature like that of Rush. With Queensryche you would get a little of everything and overall a very impressive band would be the result of these influences. The vocal power of Geoff Tate would blow you away with his breaking glass register. Musically they were incredible as well with twin axe-man ship of DeGarmo and Wilton taking what other bands had introduced for lead players and raising the bar to the next level. Scott Rockenfield was also a terrific drummer who worked his magic on the kit while bassist Eddie Jackson held it all together with ease. A great debut, with a lot of incredible songs that still hold relevance and awe on their fans to this day. Favorites of mine include not only the hit of “Take Hold Of The Flame” but also “Before The Storm” and “Child Of Fire”.

The remaster of the album which was originally released in 1984 is given an over the top reproduction with expanded booklet and liner notes as well as photographs. Live tracks are included and given one of them comes from the EP it makes this a must-have for the CD Shelf. You really can’t consider yourself a Queensryche fan if you don’t own their first full album so if you are new to them or an unschooled novice the time as come for you to change all of that. “Take Hold Of The Flame” that is the music and intelligence of the mighty Queensryche.

Track Listing:
1. Warning
2. En Force
3. Deliverance
4. No Sanctuary
5. NM 156
6. Take Hold Of The Flame
7. Before The Storm
8. Child Of Fire
9. Roads To Madness
10. Prophecy – bonus
11. The Lady Wore Black – bonus live
12. Take Hold Of The Flame – bonus live

Official Web site: www.queensryche.com

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