The Trailer Is Here: “Jurassic World” (2015)

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I loved the first “Jurassic Park” film along with the second go round and can admit that I even found a slight pleasure in the third film despite it being the weakest of the mix. When I think back to the first film, I have to chuckle about my hitting this one with my parents who seldom found interest in the same things as me when it came to actually going to the movies but I had convinced them it was a good enough book, had to have made a decent film and that it would be a fun family get together for us. Pop liked it more than Mom but I expected that. Earlier during the day I started seeing notations around the web that the fourth film in the franchise was practically in the can for the cinemas and that the first trailer was ready to be enjoyed so here we go.

As you can see the film stars Chris Pratt who we all enjoyed a few months ago as Star Lord from the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” so I hope he brings that adventurous attitude that we saw in the role there to some extent in this new film. I have not yet seen any sketches about this mystery hybrid dinosaur but am thinking that the creative teams on the film had to up their own game considering that the world has gotten films like “Pacific Rim” and the new “Godzilla”. Fans will likely be very picky about the prehistoric protagonist that they will be running from or rooting for when it comes to the films human element. I realize that this makes me sound morbid but I kind of liked when anyone who was an SOB in the other JP films ended up being chomped by whatever creature decided it was suppertime.

What do you readers think of the trailer and are you eager to see this film when it opens up in June of 2015? I’m pretty sure that I will be in the theater on opening day provided that I am not seeing “Avengers: Age Of Ulton” for the third time. That trailer looked so good I can see myself shelling out the cash more than once. Anyway, let me know in the comments what you think.

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