“The Thunder God Of Monster Island” by Moth Eater

Artist: Moth Eater
Title: “The Thunder God Of Monster Island”
Label: Giddy Up! Records
Release Date: 7/13/2010
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 4/5

New York Doom Metal fans rejoice for our own Moth Eater have finally gotten out of the studio and delivered unto us an EP entitled “The Thunder God of Monster Island”. The dramatic name is perfect for the group and calls to mind two Pop Culture references that denote power and intensity and when added together for a common goal, the listener gets a solid frame of reference on the smiting that’s delivered courtesy of the band. An interesting thing about Moth Eater as a band is how their pasts find them coming at this project from a number of different musical angles with singer John Alaia being a Dethcore/Hardcore vocalist, guitarist John Conley a Metalcore/Grindcore axe slinger and rhythm section Buckshot and Dave Ardolina at one time being the backbone of Sleaze Rock’s Dirty Rig. Oddly enough, the foursome is able to make the experiment work out, and rather well. Here are some thoughts about the four tunes that the EP presents to us.

It begins with “Aftermath”, and before the band lays waste to your speakers we get an almost placid hurdy-gurdy intro. That surprised me as the last time I’ve seen that instrument used was for Blackmore’s Night and that’s not Metal at all. Once it’s relaxed you, the riffs blast off and take you to another place entirely. It’s followed by “Our Time” which I liked a lot and felt how the rhythm section was not only keeping the backbone in place but actually forcing the direction of the tune. Yes this is Doom Metal as an ideal, but there is also some speed to it at times and much more than a conventional slow droning groove when it comes to the overall composition. The epic of the release is the third tune and while I enjoyed it as well I felt it was the most “Doomish” and called to mind a lot of Black Sabbath homage. Of course I expected at least one tune to be reminiscent of the legendary band as this is a Doom outfit after all. Conley offers up some great lead guitar on this one and it’s probably my choice to review his capabilities from. An interesting part of this tune is the assumption that Rob Zombie himself had stopped by the studio to lay down some guest vocal accompaniment, and while it surely sounds like him, the Horror Rocker was not present. Who knew Alaia had the secret capability of being able to successfully front a Zombie Tribute act when times get tough. “Rocking Is My Business” closes up the all too short listen and this is the most straight-ahead Hard Rock offering of the four tunes. It’s more of a foot stomper than a head banger is what I am saying.

It’s safe to say that this will work for most fans of not only Doom Metal but also those that like when a band steps outside of the expectation and uses their past learning to give you a maximum aural assault. If you need a better understanding into the mindset of what Moth Eater is all about one only needs to see this quote from a recent interview where he says “When I listen to our music, I get the sudden urge to smash someone’s face in with a shovel; Then I become grief-stricken and sob uncontrollably for a few hours, drink a beer, then I repeat the process.” Pretty intense if you ask me and lets hope that no one leaves this CD in the Gibson household because Mel is in enough trouble as it is without the music of Moth Eater getting him more riled up. That being said, I feel that the best is yet to come from this band. The EP is available as a digital download only for the time being, and that’s fine since a lot of releases are going this route and end up saving you some shelf space as well. It’s only twenty minutes long and I think most Metal heads can afford that amount of time and the super cheap price in order to help one of the true faces of the Metal Underground. Up and coming for now, and with your assistance and support can help to lead the charge.

Track Listing:
1. Aftermath
2. Out Time
3. When Bruises Leave Scars
4. Rocking Is My Business

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/motheater667

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