“The Stoned” by The Stoned

Artist: The Stoned
Title: “The Stoned” EP
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Stoner/Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

When I hit a gig by the refurbished and reformed Warrior Soul gig a few months ago I discovered that the bands singer Kory Clarke was also slamming down the drums in the opening band called The Stoned. Sadly I was too occupied with people I had met in the venue to go down early and watch them, figuring I would snare their CD and catch them at another time. What a mistake that was because when I got around to spinning the bands self-titled EP in the stereo I was immediately tossed into a time warp back about three decades to the early seventies where Rock and Roll was big, loud and made no compromises to the listener about its intentions. The band is fronted by Scotty T. Dimebagger and finds Adam Dubin on guitar with Sebastian Correa on bass as Clarke keeps it bottom heavy on the drums. I had to say that that the singer is a pretty solid drummer when it comes down to it and it was cool to see someone known for another role doing something else in a band. Scotty also delivers some guitar and there are a couple of cool lead breaks to enjoy on the recording. The stuff on the four song EP is a lot of fun and the first track deals with the ever popular theme of grass, cash or ass when they tell you that “Nobody Rides For Free”. “Drunk Drivers From Space” is a bit of a Space-Rock type of track that reminded me a little of Monster Magnet and actually just a bit of old Warrior Soul. There is a lot of pumping groove going on in “Racing Air Force One” and its sure to appeal to anyone who likes that Old School Rock vibe. They speed up a bit more for the EP closer of “Vegas Honeymoon” which has an almost boogie feel to it. I had to say that for four songs I was left wanting to hear some more and I look forward to a full length from these guys sometime in the near future. I like that a cool pure sound of Hard Rock is coming out of NYC again.

Track Listing:
1. Nobody Rides For Free
2. Drunk Drivers From Space
3. Racing Air Force One
4. Vegas Honeymoon

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/thestonedrock/

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