“The Singles” by Edguy

Artist: EdGuy
Title: “The Singles”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 2/10/2009
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Rating: 4/5

It was only a few weeks ago when that mighty and enigmatic court jester of Melodic Power Metal Tobias Sammet had given his fans a little bit of candy with EdGuy’s “Tinnitus Sanctus”. It was an album that continued the bands endeavors to make Metal a little less serious and having heard it I can safely inform the readers that they succeeded. Of course the issue of a new album after a series of successful tours that received some real attention to the bands cause could only mean that it was high time for a collection like “The Singles” to be released next. Fans should be aware that this is not a greatest hits CD but instead the compiling of all of the bands recent singles which were only previously available on their European and Japanese EP’s. That’s a good thing because I would fear the world would find me mad for uttering the words “Greatest Hits” and “EdGuy” in the same sentence since Melodic Power Metal bands are seldom afforded such luxury in today’s music society. The ride begins with “Superheroes” from “Rocket Ride” which was a catchy song, but I loved the next track up entitled “Spooks In The Attic” since it was much more energetic and driving. “Judas In The Opera” is a scandalous number and there is quite the scatological lyrical content thing going on, so you innocent listeners best shield your eyes, I mean ears. Tobias stands on the beaches and proves that he is indeed the wind beneath something as he delivers the epic version of “Superheroes” and in all honesty, the tune sounds pretty good when done in this fashion. We get a couple of versions of “Lavatory Love Machine” – the first being the standard and the second acoustic which shows the listener a new side of those EdGuys. The tempest doesn’t stop as Toby and company tackle Europe’s “I’ll Cry For You” before delivering “King Of Fools” from “Hellfire Club”. “New Age Messiah” might find the pious frozen in place and while I will leave some surprises for you I will say that the closing number “Life And Times Of A Bonus Track” is hilarious. The tune is clever and addresses all things that one would experience if they were a bonus track themselves (at least according to Tobias Sammet).

Lyrics are provided which allow you to see just how insane some of the subject matter from Tobias and company can be when it comes to EdGuy material and as mentioned there are some points where the younger listeners might want to make sure that their parents aren’t listening for fear of them ever being allowed to purchase music on their own again. If they in fact bought it for you, then you can blame them again and again and not worry too much. I will suggest that the easily offended head for the doors immediately and do not look back at the CD for fear of turning to stone. As I listened to the final chords of this CD I found myself amused when I thought back to a very recent meeting with a young lady who was visiting the states from Germany. It was at a Metalcore show and on my discovery of her origins, I mentioned about how I was a big supporter of much of their output in terms of Heavy Metal music. When I said that thanks to you we have Helloween, Gamma Ray and EdGuy she looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “then I am afraid I should apologize for our country doing that”. I wasn’t sure if she meant the whole list of them or only EdGuy, so I will leave it at “apology accepted young Miss” and Tobias, thanks for keeping the party running well past curfew……

Track Listing:
1. Superheroes
2. Spooks In The Attic
3. Blessing In Disguise
4. Judas In The Opera
5. The Spirit
6. Superheroes (Epic Version)
7. Lavatory Love Machine
8. Lavatory Love Machine (acoustic version)
9. I’ll Cry For You
10. King Of Fools
11. New Age Messiah
12. The Savage Union
13. Holy Water
14. Life And Times Of A Bonus Track

Official Website: http://www.edguy.net

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