The Rock Winners Of The Grammy Awards 2018

They say that its the most important night in music and if you’re a fan of Rap, R&B and lots of Pop stuff this is very possibly true. Most of the fans of the Rock and the Metal side of the fence don’t really lend too much attention to it since many of our category awards get presented before the show even airs on television. Though I cannot confirm since I don’t watch the broadcast, I’m fairly certain that the Metal performers don’t even get to play for the audience live anymore. With most of the categories that do hold some interest to our readers, I’m sharing them below for your awareness.

Best Rock Performance:
You Want It Darker – Leonard Cohen – WINNER
The Promise – Chris Cornell
Run – Foo Fighters
No Good – Kaleo
Go To War – Nothing More

Best Metal Performance:
Invisible Enemy – August Burns Red
Black Hoodie – Body Count
Forever – Code Orange
Sultan’s Curse – Mastodon – WINNER
Clockworks – Meshuggah

Best Rock Song:
Metallica – Atlas, Rise!
K.Flay – Blood in the Cut
Nothing More – Go to War
Foo Fighters – Run – WINNER
Avenge Sevenfold – The Stage

Best Rock Album:
The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding – WINNER
Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand
Metallica – Hardwired…To Self-Destruct
Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains

Best Alternative Music Album:
The National – Sleep Well Beast – WINNER
Arcade Fire – Everything Now
Gorillaz – Humanz
LCD Soundsystem – American Dream
Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So congratulations to all the winners. I guess none of the picks I predicted won out as “Best Rock Performance” was taken by the late Leonard Cohen. Without any disrespect being intended, this is more of a Dark Folk/Spoken Word track than a Rock number and while I love the also late Chris Cornell, his tune was more of a ballad. The songs by Nothing More and Foo Fighters were much more rocking than those. It’s great to see Mastodon winning the “Best Metal Performance” even though they’ve moved deeper into a more Progressive sound than their older and most crushing stuff. Of the batch there are none more Metal than the mighty Meshuggah but I never really felt that they would win as their sound likely went over much of the voting committee heads. The Foos did end up taking the “Best Rock Song” category with the same song that they had in “Rock Performance” but I think I would have preferred to see Nothing More getting some love. I should add that A7X had boycotted the ceremony and I’ve read that this was based on the Rock stuff not being televised. I can see the point. Why bother flying all the way here to not be seen on television. The “Best Rock Album” was taken by The War On Drugs who I’ve never ever heard of before, so as I culled these thoughts together I gave a quick cursory listen and its not bad at all. Has a little Atmospheric to it and some Eighties Power Pop. Maybe I will download it and throw thoughts together for a site review. I guess it can’t hurt to have a Grammy Award Winning piece online for traffic sake 🙂 As I’m not much up on today’s “Alternative” bands I had no idea what The National were all about. Considering my vintage, Alternative to me was the stuff that fell under the Grunge framework many years ago. I’ll browse this one when I sit to listen to The War On Drugs and see it is also compels me to review. So what do you readers think about the winners? Did the artists that you wanted to bring home the prize or did they not? Chime in down below and let’s hear what you have to say.

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