The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2020 Nominees Are:

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have just revealed their “Class Of 2020” Nominations, so after some reminder premise on how one achieves such an “honor” I will line out the list for you in full and then offer up some personal editorial viewpoint. Let’s go.

The Criteria: Currently, groups or individuals are qualified for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Nominees should have demonstrable influence and significance within the history of rock and roll. Four categories are recognized: Performers, Non-Performers, Early Influences, and Sidemen (as of 2000). The General Public aka “Fans” get to participate in an online “Fan Voting” process but at the end of the day this really doesn’t amount to anything in terms of the induction process as it all sums up to one single vote.

The Nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2020 Are: Pat Benatar, Dave Matthews Band, Depeche Mode, The Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, Judas Priest, Kraftwerk, Motorhead, Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious B.I.G., Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Todd Rundgren, Soundgarden, MC5, T. Rex and Thin Lizzy.

Pat Benatar: Having listened to Pat Benatar since her debut album so very long ago, I am rather confident that she will be a shoe-in for the induction ceremony.

Dave Matthews Band: As I’ve never liked a single note of the DMB I am not the best judge of their merit when it comes to the Rock Hall. I find this stuff to be mostly on the boring side despite how popular it seems to be. Sorry Dave, it isn’t my cup of musical tea but good luck to you. TBH I bet they get in on the first go round.

Depeche Mode: Nominated once more after not making the “cut” the last time around….will this group get the nod this time around? They might need to call on their own Personal Jesus for some extra help.

The Doobie Brothers: I love a lot of Doobie Brothers material but I think that this will not be their year for induction.

Whitney Houston: Whitney’s been gone for a few years now and its this factor that makes me feel the singer songwriter will be an immediate induction. I really only know a few of the hits that were bombarding contemporary radio over the years and don’t view this as invaluable to modern music. Without trying to be disrespectful, her very biggest hit was composed by the legendary Dolly Parton who is NOT yet in the Rock Hall and really should be at this point.

Judas Priest: This is the second time that Judas Priest has ever been nominated after being placed on the ballot in 2017. They were absent last year and while I have loved them since I believe 1978, I just don’t see the committee putting them through. This is not a marker about my belief in the bands status since I hold them in very high regard its just a lack of faith in the Rock Hall induction process and let’s not forget that it took them forever to put in Rush, KISS and even Yes. I’ll be pleasantly surprised of course if they make it.

Kraftwerk: Alas I don’t know enough about Kraftwerk to offer any insight on why they should be included this year. I’ve noticed their name being listed a few times so this is a likely pass over once more. Sorry gang.

Motorhead: The fact that all of the original essential lineup of Motorhead has passed away with Lemmy Kilminster, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor makes me think that they will be a posthumous induction into the Rock Hall. If this happens we can most definitely be certain that Priest will not make the cut since I cannot see the committee placing two Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands in for a single year.

Nine Inch Nails: They’ve clearly done some great things for the Industrial Music side of the fence but is their game strong enough against some of the locks that I’ve discussed in this overview? Methinks not.

The Notorious B.I.G.: Biggie Smalls is still quite the legendary figure in the Rap music genre and with his being the sole rapper being nominated I feel he will also be an immediate induction so many years after his passing.

MC5: I am going to repeat exactly what I wrote last year for this nomination. Though I listened to a LOT of Punk back in the day, The MC5 was NOT among these bands. These dudes are reunited for a number of gigs under the branding The MC50 so maybe this will be their year after last year’s bypassing. I’d love to see more seminal Punk being in the Hall and once more let’s get something brewing for The Damned!!!.

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan: Alas I don’t know enough about Rufus with or without Chaka Khan so I cannot offer any insight on why they should be included this year. The only song I ever remembered is “Tell Me Something Good”.

Todd Rundgren: Todd is an interesting nomination for sure. Though he has an ardent fanbase, I think most of his work is a little too far left of center for the masses and with that being the case most do not “get it”. This of course might be exactly what the voting committee wants so who knows. I caught him not too long ago and enjoyed the set that he delivered but I only knew three or so songs. Bewildered on what side to choose here.

T. Rex: They surely had some great stuff and influenced many who reached greater levels of success than they did. Will this prove to be the catalyst for induction. I am on the fence about what I think and will consulte the Magic 8-Ball.

Soundgarden: I’d love to see it happening but part of me feels that it might not just yet. Can the spirit and musical memory of the late great Chris Cornell shine a light down on the voting or will it be a black hole sun? Only time and the committee can tell.

Thin Lizzy: The band clearly set some ground rules for Hard Rock music and Phil Lynott was a legendary figure for sure. They are deserving but will the others that might be held in higher regard by the committee listen to reason and give this band something that is clearly their due.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So that is where I stand on all of these nominees. I was being pragmatic, honest and realistic about the nominations and how we have been seeing the committee finalize their inductions. As you know it doesn’t always make sense and has moved on from pure Rock and Roll quite some time ago. The five that I want to go into the Hall are Judas Priest, Motorhead, Pat Benatar, Thin Lizzy and Soundgarden. The five that I think will go in are Biggie, Motorhead, Dave Mathews Band, Pat Benatar and Whitney Houston. There were some notable omissions this year of course and those fall to Iron Maiden, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Scorpions, Boston and Duran Duran IMHO. There are super ardent Metalheads who feel that we will find both Slayer and Megadeth in the Hall someday and I really cannot say that I agree based on how this whole event flows. Now I’ve mentioned the Fan Voting process up above and I encourage you to do it despite its limited value. I’d also love for you to comment in down below and let me know your five picks and the five you really think will go in and tell me a little on why this was the case. Let’s go…..

Rock Hall Fan Vote: HERE

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  1. Once again, no Iron Maiden. Meanwhile they’re still selling out stadiums like a hip hop or country act. I hope Priest makes it. But they can’t even sell out the local Giant center.

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