The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 Nominees Are:

rock and roll hall of fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just released their “Class Of 2019” Nominations, so after some reminder premise on how one achieves such an “honor” I will line out the list for you. Let’s go.

rock and roll hall of fame nominees

The Criteria: Currently, groups or individuals are qualified for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Nominees should have demonstrable influence and significance within the history of rock and roll. Four categories are recognized: Performers, Non-Performers, Early Influences, and Sidemen (as of 2000). However, fans have no input concerning who is nominated or elected to the hall.

The Nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2019 Are: Def Leppard, Devo, Janet Jackson, John Prine, LL Cool J, MC5, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, Roxy Music, Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan, Stevie Nicks, The Cure, The Zombies, Todd Rundgren and The Zombies.

Def Leppard: The guys in Def Leppard are still at it and will be looking to pour some sugar on the photograph of an animal if they end up winning a space in the sacred hall of Rock. By the way, no real animal is the intended target in my hopefully clever blending of their song titles. I’ll show myself out….soon.

Devo: “Are They Not Men”? Well, they are indeed but part of me feels that the legendary Devo is still a bit too “out there” for those who make the final decisions when it comes time to vote.

Janet Jackson: Janet is more Disco Dance and Soul R&B and not an artist I have followed very much. They did induct Madonna a few years ago (before Deep Purple, Rush, KISS and I can go on) so figure Janet might be one to take home the honor.

John Prine: Alas I don’t know enough about John Prine to offer any insight on why he should be included this year. He is more of a Folk artist but then again so was Joan Baez who was inducted last year.

Kraftwerk: Alas I don’t know enough about Kraftwerk to offer any insight on why they should be included this year. I’ve noticed their name being listed a few times so this is a likely pass over once more. Sorry gang.

LL Cool J: I loved the occasional LL track over the years but lately he’s been more prominent as an actor so I am not too sure they will mark his name on the “yes” pile. Of course we do all know that the Rock Hall loves adding Rappers into the institution over long standing Rock bands so maybe I am wrong on this one.

MC5: Though I listened to a LOT of Punk back in the day, The MC5 was NOT among these bands. These dudes just reunited for a tour under the branding The MC50 so who knows. It might just happen for them. I’d love to see more seminal Punk being in the Hall and let’s get something brewing for The Damned for crissake.

Radiohead: Considering the selling out of arenas in minutes for their return to active touring, the band Radiohead shows that the fans are still rallying behind them. They will probably get in so don’t leave them “High and Dry” voters LOL. Sorry, I can’t resist sometimes.

Rage Against the Machine: Having only ever liked two songs I don’t feel that its fair to voice my opinion about RATM. Maybe these political times in which we live will find them snagging the brass ring after a few nominations already.

Roxy Music: Alas I don’t know enough about Roxy Music to offer any insight on why they should be included this year.

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan: Alas I don’t know enough about Rufus with or without Chaka Khan so I cannot offer any insight on why they should be included this year.

Stevie Nicks: Nicks has had a very prolific solo career from the time after she had left Fleetwood Mac to her eventual return. For me, my primary background on her is their combined stuff and the “Belladonna” album but she might just win out this year based on the iconic status she has maintained.

The Cure: Truth be told my interest in the music of The Cure can be summed up by a single Greatest Hits release. I love those songs but are they enough to make the people behind the scenes say lets run with this one.

The Zombies: Historically speaking The Zombies have delivered some classics and many of these songs still are used in popular culture films and television shows. I’d like to think at this rate that they belong in here but does the Hall Voting Committee agree with me.

Todd Rundgren: He is a legendary producer and musician for sure and has delivered some notable hits that seem to have withstood the sands of musical time. Will this make him among the worthy? Let’s see what happens but I think he should get in for all of these encompassing activities in music.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I won’t add too much of anything else down here but instead am asking you readers to chime in with who you think will be in the running and also who you are disappointed in not seeing among the nominees list. I’ll add that I would have loved to see Judas Priest nominated once more or even a band like Iron Maiden who are in my eyes continuing to dominate on the stage each and every night and raising the banner high for heavy music performance in general. Now, despite their being on path to the retirement community for Metal bands, I don’t really think we would see Slayer making the cut unless every single Metal fan in the USA adds them in as a write on ballot. The “Too Heavy For Most” bands like Lamb Of God, Pantera and maybe even Megadeth and Anthrax are pipe dreams IMHO and those who feel the Death and Black Metal stuff will one day be included should get that out of their system post haste. I don’t think I will be alive long enough to see that happening. So as I’ve requested, chime in with some comments in the down below and let me know who of these do you feel will be locks and then who you would have liked to see nominated but please be within reason as I’ve outlined a sentence or so ago. We aren’t seeing Immortal or Behemoth in the running ever I am thinking so that’s that. Until next time.

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  1. The Cure are the “granddaddies” of the entire alternative music scene, so they absolutely belong in there, IMHO

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