The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Inductees Are….

Officially in the books but first a little recap.

Some blog readers might remember that back in September of this year I jumped into the fray and began offering up my position and viewpoints about The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and their seemingly endless supply of idiocy when it came to the Heavy Rock and Metal providers of the world. I felt that if public figures like Eddie Trunk could do it, then why not follow suit for the interested parties and brave whatever the outcome of such words would be. As a music journalist one must stand strong behind their views and this stuff would get a lot of peoples goat. It would also be great if it sent some new readers over to the website. I always like that. Anyway, I posted the nominees in a blog and discussed what merits or lack thereof I felt each of them brought to the table. I was honest and objective and not sitting here stewing with “What the Hell man, they didn’t choose Judas Priest again man!!! That’s bull!!!”. Check out that posting HERE and feel free to comment on those views if you like. It’s always great to know what people think.

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Now that the nomination process is over, the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees have been announced and here is the run down of them: Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Donovan, Laura Nyro, The Small Faces/The Faces, The Beastie Boys, Freddie King, Don Kirshner, Cosimo Matassa, Tom Dowd, and Glyn Johns.

Congratulations to the “winners”. I used quotes because some of you don’t need to be here yet and some actually not at all since this is supposed to be a Rock and Roll Institution. Very happy for Don Kirshner, may he Rest In Peace, as his Rock Concerts always gave me some wonderful late night enjoyment and something to tape. The Rock picks left me uninspired though against the other nominees and I admit it was interesting to see inductees whose names were not on the nomination poll. I also think that stuff like production, engineering and song-writing needs to be expanded upon and fall into a criteria that let’s more performers get the attention. That’s just my two cents.

I really don’t know how this place works and I don’t think many out there do. I am looking forward to next year’s public statement against the place that is for sure. Feel free to comment and of course stay tuned for more.

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2 thoughts on “The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Inductees Are….”

  1. Once again we see the Halls lack of common sense here. Please explain to me how GnR merits this honor yet the ever resilient KISS still get snubbed. Deep Purple, Priest, Maiden all of which who not only came before GnR and the RHCP but are also much more influential and have been around for 35-40 years making music the entire time (JP and IM). Unlike Guns who after 3 studio albums, 2 of which were recorded simultaneously took 18 yrs to make another record with Axl being the only original member. Typical antics that votes in one hit wonders and continues to neglect the very best hard rock and metal has to offer. Ken I’ll leave the KISS fiasco to you if you choose to expand on an already egregious omission.

  2. Until Deep Purple are in, this Hall remains a sham! “Hi! We’ve inducted the Beastie Boys! But not Deep Purple. Nor Thin Lizzy, Jethro Tull, The Tubes, Heart, or Nazareth.”

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