The Reunited Pantera Perform For The First-Time @ Hell and Heaven Metal Fest, Mexico

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The reformed or reunited version of Pantera in 2022 features original members Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown who laid down that primal concrete sledge something fierce back in the heyday with the exemplary talents of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and his brother Vinnie Paul who are sadly no longer with us. Joining the ranks in their honor are Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society and Charlie Benante from Anthrax on lead guitar and drums respectively. Now there is a lot of chatter to the relevence of this particular reunion and my view is this. It’s good to have the means to let generations of Metalheads in the now enjoy these songs in the live sense since with the proper work it can be done effectively and send the people home exhilarated. While the band was recently in the news with their joining onto the upcoming Metallica World Tour (announced HERE ICYMI), last night they performed at the Hell and Heaven Fest in Mexico and the set list rundown was cribbed from the popular website.

The Set List:
A New Level
Mouth for War
Strength Beyond Strength
Becoming (With ‘Throes of Rejection’ outro)
I’m Broken (With ‘By Demons Be Driven’ outro)
Use My Third Arm
5 Minutes Alone
This Love
Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit
Fucking Hostile
Cemetery Gates (With tribute to Dimebag and Vinnie)
Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover)
Cowboys From Hell
Domination / Hollow

Since I wasn’t there, but would have loved to be one of the media minions on point for such a historic appearance, I expected to find a score of clips on YouTube and since I found some good ones I am embedding them down below for your enjoyment. In my humble opinion they sound really good and while I expected Philip and Rex to know this material like the back of their hand can only add that Zakk and Charlie seem to be pulling out all the stops. Zakk doesn’t seem to be playing the songs note for note but he said he would be interpreting them with his own style in some recent interviews and that’s fine by me. He and Dime were the equivalent of brothers based on all the history and there is no one better for the job under those circumstances. Charlie is one of the most skilled Metal drummers alive and has been thrilling the masses for decades with Anthrax. Now its his chance to shine on these Pantera classics. What do you think of all these numbers.


One thought on “The Reunited Pantera Perform For The First-Time @ Hell and Heaven Metal Fest, Mexico”

  1. Seems too “clinical” or dialed in. Even dime didn’t play his own music note for note but there was emotion in his playing. This just seems like a rock camp for adults. Not my cup of tea, I’d rather a black toothed grin…

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