The NYC Tattoo Convention for 2014 Starts Today @ Roseland Ballroom

For the next three days the Roseland Ballroom will once again play host to the NYC Tattoo Convention and for those in the unaware, this will be the 17th year of this particular event. Check out the poster below….

Poster - NYC Tattoo Convention - 2014

I’ve decided to get this broadcast post online considering this kind of happening is of great interest to many of our readers and especially so since the Roseland Ballroom is counting down the days until its official closure in April. I still cannot believe those words are the case but alas they are. That said, the fans of tattooing and piercings will definitely want to convene once more in this historic space before it goes away and for those interested in tickets please know that all tickets will be available on the day of the show at the door. Nothing is available online beforehand. Now I shall not be in attendance at this event based on other commitments so if you do go be sure to send us some links to your photos via the PiercingMetal Facebook mailbox. I’ll check out and share some of the coolest stuff for sure.

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