The NTWRK and Anime NYC Online Reveal Virtual Convention Badges

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The Scoop:
We’d like to introduce NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll’s Official Badge! This online-only badge features new artwork from Dr. STONE’s upcoming season, and it’s yours as a free download. More than a keepsake, our Online Badge is also your ticket to enter our Online Cosplay Showcase! Print this badge out to take part in a global cosplay collaboration!

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Want to really bring the Anime NYC experience home? Add Anime NYC 2020’s badges to your collection. We’re proud to share the badges we had made with our friends at Crunchyroll for this year’s show, and while we can’t all meet together, you can print em out for a little arts and crafts project after you get tired of baking sourdough.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I love the idea of the organizers showcasing what the badges were going to look like and these looked awesome and are so ornately colored and featuring all different Anime series on each badge. Those who attend the annual New York Comic Con know that those badges have featured characters from “The Walking Dead” for the last ten years and many fans pine for something different at this point. I’d have to agree that one or two years straight is fine but with all the Marvel Studios movies, the Star Wars stuff and assorted comic book media, the badges should reflect something different each year but I digress. It was a hoot to see the badges in this fashion but I am slightly bummed that they didn’t showcase the Official Press badge in the mix. That would have been the badge that I would be sporting had the approvals gone out and said I was in before the virus took hold. So before I close this up, please refer to THIS LINK to learn more about the upcoming online experience. I hope to be exploring it as time permits since the writing regimen has not really slowed down over the last few months despite a lack of in-person happenings. What do you think about these cool badges? Chime in down below in the comments section and I will see you next time.

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