“The Most High” by Valume Nob

Artist: Valume Nob
Title: “The Most High”
Label: Crash Music
Release Date: 10/19/2004
Genre: Hardcore
Rating: 3/5

Very simply put this is Hardcore the way that it used to be delivered decades ago as its pure in essence and chaotically powerful as one expects in this music. Hardcore was always more about attitude than showcasing musical proficiency and that is where this EP might lose some people as it often sounds the same based on the chord structures presented. Normally the changes are few except for slower Mosh parts as opposed to the circle pit inducing razor runs. These dudes can play the part well, and do justice to the form but this was never music for everybody in the first place. It is very energetic and angry and should appeal to the genres fanatics with little difficulty. The interesting part about this New Orleans group is the fact that the membership comes from some well-known other bands. We have Marshall Black (throat), Sid Montz (drums), Frey Theiler (guitar) and Kirk Windstein (bass). These guys have worked with New Religion, Crowbar, Down and Graveyard Rodeo in their past and of course while mostly underground groups in their own right, they still achieved moderate levels of success with their output. This release is for fans of these players for the most part and for those who never get enough of the face crunching boot of Hardcore. Given it is an EP and Hardcore as well, this is not a long CD by any stretch. Two live tracks and provided and show the band sounds good on stage and an interview segment that one can enjoy on their PC.

Track Listing:
1. Pleasant Memories
2. Becoming A Man
3. Together As One
4. Boots
5. Friends For Life – live
6. Brutal Attack – live
7. Interview – CD Rom track

Official Website: www.valumenob.com

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