The Metallica Name Generator Lets Your Name “Ride The Lightning”

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Though I strive to be one of those objective journalistic sorts for the world of Metal and Pop Culture, there is always some time for a little bit of fun. This notion comes not long after the release of the brand-new album by the mighty Metallica which is called “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct”. Having heard some of the tracks already I can safely inform you that it’s a killer if you were still unsure about picking it up or not. I figure if you cannot trust someone whose job it is to inform you about things then who can you trust but enough about this new album. This post is to discuss some logo generating fun with you all because you see Metallica has offered up a Name Generator for you to play with in your free time. Yes, you’ve read that correctly – you too can have your name in the same font as Metallica. I’ve already done one for and plan on using it on our social networks. What do you think? Am I now the Master of Puppets of website creators? I realize that this was almost as corny as our posts subject but you should have seen the ones that I left out of this narrative.

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Since I also run “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” I’ve done the Metallica Name Generator on that as well but only did for the dotcom since the rest would be too long IMHO. I’m not sure how or if I will use this one anywhere but maybe on the Piercing Ken Instagram. You’re following that profile too right? Right? Sorry, I lost track here. Maybe I will also make my full name and use on the personal Facebook since the way it looks now is kinda boring. Once you’ve done yours you can let me know down in the comments what you are going to do with it. I’d be careful about printing it on anything since this font is likely trademarked but perhaps I am mistaken there.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Closing up I’m not going to add much more to the mix here since this whole narrative is me talking more so than being a part of a larger press release. That said please do make sure that you give that link below a try and save your creations somewhere safe where you won’t lose track of them. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know how long this URL will remain active but on top of that many thanks to the guys in Metallica for giving the fans and the media something fun to putter around with as opposed to being serious for a change. Readers should stay tuned for a full on review of the latest album as well. Thanks for reading, see you again soon.

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