The M3 Rock Festival Lineup For 2016 Is Here!

Alright, so this information circulated a couple of days ago and I apologize for having other agenda items to attend to before getting this in your radar. We are closing in on the end of 2015 and you cannot believe all the last minute things that are popping up. Anyway, here is the almost finalized lineup for the exciting M3 Rock Festival that takes place in beautiful Maryland.

Poster - M3 Rock Festival - 2016

The Press Announcement:
HERE IT IS! Your 2016 lineup! Who will you be headbanging the hardest for this year? Tickets on sale THIS Friday at 10AM! #M3RockFestival — with Heavens Edge, Tom Keifer, Faster Pussycat, FireHouse, Vince Neil, Enuff Z’Nuff, Lynch Mob, Slaughter, Tesla, Sean Bayless, Adler, Gabbie Rae, Quiet Riot, Bad Seed Rising, Britny Fox, SteelHeart, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Night Ranger, Kix, 86 Bullets and Y&T.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Color me slightly disappointed at seeing Vince Neil’s name as the headlining name on the second night of the festival because if you’ve seen any of those final Motley Crue show videos online you know that he makes the audience sing most of the words and that is just not fair to the bands that are pulling out all the stops night after night for so many years. Mind you I do love me some Crue but that is going to be over and done with in a little over a week unless something proves falsified in their “career ending contract”. Otherwise there are some really interesting bands on the bill and wow when did Every Mother’s Nightmare return to activity? I loved those guys and saw them a few times back in the day with a DJ pal. Great stuff and also Steelheart, Night Ranger and the great Y&T. These names along are going to guarantee your weekend is well spent so I wonder how many of you readers are going to head down to or over to (depending on your geographical location) to Columbia, MD to rock out for the weekend at the end of April? I’m not so sure I am going to make this and cannot decide since we are still talking about something that is four months away. That doesn’t prevent you from letting me know if you are going or are excited about it in the comments section below. Especially if you have gone in the past.

Poster - M3 Rock Festival B - 2016

*** Update 2/1/2016: – As you can see by the revised poster above, the following bands have been added to the lineup of the M3 Rock Festival weekend; Queensryche, Slaughter, Stephen Pearcy formerly of Ratt and Faster Pussycat. Looks like the event will be hosted by Lita Ford as well and I am guessing that Mr. Eddie Trunk will be there doing some intros of the bands and perhaps even giving his fans some more insight as to the future of “That Metal Show” which VH1 Classic cancelled last week. We discussed that bit of news in THIS POST if you didn’t see it. Enjoy.

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