The Lineup For Scion Rock Fest 2013 Is Fully Revealed!

You readers already know how much I love sharing the cool musical freebies that the folks at Scion A/V keep dishing out and with that being the case I wanted to take a moment to showcase the full lineup and poster from their annual Rock Fest. The information was just released that the mighty Testament will co-headline the show with The Melvins and if that is not an interesting pairing I don’t know what is.

Poster - Scion Rock Fest - 2013

As you can see by the poster there are a LOT of interesting and amazing bands playing together at this thing, and just in case your eyes are getting like my own here is the full on rundown of the performers: Testament. Melvins. Municipal Waste, Whitechapel, The Obsessed, Corrosion Of Conformity, The Casualties, Negative Approach, Pallbearer, Six Feet Under, Impaled, Vision Of Disorder, Royal Thunder, Vektor, Arsis, A Life Once Lost, Touche Amore, Code Orange Kids, The Gates Of Slumber, Hot Lunch, Rotting Out, The Shrine, Ice Dragon, Call Of The Void, Subrosa, Gigan, ANCIIENTS, Dirty Streets, Inter Arma, Complete Failure, Indian Handcrafts and Noisem…..whew. A little of everything that is for sure.

The other thing our readers know about my postings and I is that we love hitting the Metal shows. It’s almost an addiction at this point in some sense but this particular event will be taking place in Memphis, TN so I don’t really think that I will be there. It surely sounds like fun, but its a little tricky to figure out personally at this time. Maybe something will change my mind and I will head down South for some good old Metal and definitely some regional tourism because I have a lot of time to decide with this affair being in June 🙂 . If we go, you can count on some review stuff, and if not, I am sure there will be tons across the web for everyone to enjoy.

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