The Knitting Factory Says “No Sleep Till Brooklyn!!!!”

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Just the other night, the world-famous New York location of The Knitting Factory had its last show, and I will admit that this news makes me kind of sad.  Granted the club is not closing for good and never coming back, they have just decided that the Tribeca would be closed down and then relocated over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  One has to agree that this neighborhood is a hot area in terms of bars and clubs but how the new Knitting Factory will fair over there is anyone’s guess.  It now will be in direct competition with The Music Hall Of Williamsburg (the new name for The North Six) and The Warsaw.  There is also Club Europa but that is in Greenpoint and only a hop, skip and a jump away from Williamsburg.  Technically speaking this news first came about a year ago but then shows kept happening so I was hopeful that it was incorrect.  I guess I was wrong and that saddens me because I loved the layout of the venue in the Tribeca space.

For those who had never been here before, the Knitting Factory that I am speaking about had three levels with the main, and larger venue being on the ground floor. There was a small balcony that people could go up on if they wanted a different perspective and I think that this space held about 300 or so comfortably. When you went down one level there was a second venue that they called the Tap Room and it held about a hundred less but was an equally cool space. One more level down was the smallest space that I would not see more than 100 fitting in, but that was cool based on the kind of bands you could put in there. It would be easy to throw three groups with a few dozen fans apiece in there for a showcase while leaving the larger bands of note to play on the main level. Based on my own NYC adventures as a music journalist, I am sure that I will get to the new Knitting Factory soon enough.

Until then please reflect with me on the shows that I had attended and documented on the PiercingMetal site by clicking HERE. Please note that other items tagged “knitting factory” might also be presented as time moves forward about this venue.

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