The Judas Priest Name Generator Makes Your Name A Real “Painkiller”

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Before I begin this little bit of fun I have to tell you or remind you about if you are among those who might have forgotten this notion about me; I am a big fan of the legendary Judas Priest. So I always tell people that I have three favorite bands and they are KISS, Van Halen and Judas Priest and before you think the third spot is a slight it’s an even “2” for me as KISS always seems to be the top tier. Both Halen and Priest are the same level IMHO and that’s what makes this installment into the content library of so much fun. Do you remember a couple of years ago when we posted about that Metallica Name Generator? Whichever your answer was doesn’t matter since I will link to that later on in the post. In honor of the bands brand-new album “Firepower” there is now a Name Generator to get your own letters or maybe even your bands name in the same font as Judas Priest. As expected I ran this for the PiercingMetal site and think that I like that one even more than I do the one for Metallica. Take a look down below.

piercingmetal judas priest logo

Now since I did this process for my main website, I just couldn’t be a good Content Creator if I didn’t do the same thing for my other media baby. As a lot of you know, I also am the founder of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” which is a broader based Lifestyle Outlet so seeing the branding with the JP logo was quite appealing to me. I know a lot of the Metal Legions have been supportive of that website because there are a lot of interesting things happening there that don’t fall into the Metal community vibe properly so feast your eyes on this one. Pretty sweet right? I think so that’s for sure.

piercing ken judas priest logo

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay so I’m going to close this one up and get to making a logo for my own name because that’s what I do now LOL. You’re going to want to do yours and save it for good measure somewhere safe where you keep such things. Though I don’t know how long the Judas Priest name generator will be online I can tell you that the Metallica one still seems online and that’s from 2016 so be sure to click through to the post down below and treat yourself to a personally branded Meallica logo AND a Judas Priest one. I know. You can almost feel yourself becoming more Metal from all of this fun. That’s all I have about this little notion so let me know what you think and I will see you all again soonish.

Metallica Name Generator Post

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