“The Final Countdown Tour: Live In Sweden 1986” – 20th Anniversary by Europe

Artist: Europe
Title: “The Final Countdown Tour: Live In Sweden 1986” – 20th Anniversary
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release: 11/21/2006
Style: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their blockbuster album and tour for “The Final Countdown”, Music Video Distributors has re-issued a concert film that allows fans of the band Europe to relive the glory days of Hair Metal once again. This is also the perfect way to see the band in their prime if you were among those who were too young to enjoy them during those days and instead have only heard about it from the folks who remember and are now called the “Old School”. To say that the song “The Final Countdown” was both a blockbuster and an instantly memorable hit would be an understatement as it was one of those tracks that once you heard it, you were going to find it in your audio memory banks forever. Oddly enough it would be the case whether you loved or hated the song and it’s popularity made the band a juggernaut that would be the group others were measured against. The song itself was a majestic track with flourishing keyboards and not only was it living on a consistent MTV rotation and Rock radio but it also became a mainstay at sporting events worldwide. It was a song that single handedly helped to propel Europe into the stratosphere as a Hard Rock super power.

This concert is chock full of great moments from the release and includes a full seven numbers from this album “The Final Countdown” alone. It’s a concert video of a band who had risen to the top of their peers and are also on top of their game. They knew they were Rock stars and you can tell this from the level of energy that the group is displaying during the set. They are hometown heroes during this performance and it’s easy for them to show just how appreciative they are for their fans. I remember seeing this concert many years ago on MTV and it just looks so much better after the remastering process has been done in terms of sonic and visual quality. The exciting performance of Joey Tempest, the bands front man, shows why his face grazed all the Rock magazines of the day while John Norum defies the senses with his stellar guitar work. He was not a typical shredder, but yet such a skilled and tasty player. Viewers get this as well as some great interview footage of the band in today’s world and can also enjoy an extensive photo gallery with many unseen shots. The bonus features also deliver a segment where the band visits the very studio where they recorded the hit record and get to hear the only existing unreleased outtake from the sessions. The instrumental track “Where Men Don’t Dare” that was penned by Tempest and Leven. Remember how it used to be done, go back to the eighties one more time with Europe.

Track List:
1. The Final Countdown
2. Wings Of Tomorrow
3. Ninja
4. Carrie
5. On The Loose
6. Drum Solo
7. Cherokee
8. The Time Has Come
9. Open Your Heart
10. Rock The Night
11. Stormwind
12. Dance The Night Away
13. The Final Countdown – reprise

Official Web site: www.europetheband.com

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