The Fear The Riff Expo Has Been Cancelled

fear the riff expo

With the date drawing closer to happening and my needing to get a number of media ducks in a row, I was discussing with trusted media colleagues about our mutual plans for this years “Fear The Riff” Expo and when information about the event became harder to procure, I did some digging and learned that the expo had been cancelled for this year. Read on the full statement that we discovered.

fear the riff expo

The Statement:
It is with great regret that we must cancel the “Fear the Riff” Expo.

While we had a great boost in direction from year one to year two, it has been very difficult to secure both the sponsor and vendor participation to yield a successful third show.

We did do our best to get enough content to still make this year happen, but with 5 weeks out we’d be troubled to have your travel and efforts be in vain. “Fear the Riff” was a great concept growing in the right direction and we truly appreciate the support and belief in our event. We will be issuing refunds to everyone who paid for booth spaces ASAP.

Again, We are sorry to see the event come to an end. I hope you can understand the obstacles in making this event a success and our reasoning for drawing it to a close. Thanks again for the support and understanding.

Johnny M (Organizer)

*** end of statement ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: That’s indeed a bummer because while we missed the first go round (it was during NY Comic Con) we managed to come last year and really enjoyed the event. As a fan of live happenings and conventions, I hate to see anything like this go away but it seems that the cards were stacked too high this time around. Maybe in time with some re-tooling and re-branding that a similar event can come back to fill the void but who knows when and if that will happen any time soon. What do you readers think of this news? Did you attend either of the previous expos? Chime in down below in the comments section and we shall see you again soon.

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