“The Disappearance Of Adalia” by Madina Lake

Artist: Madina Lake
Title: “The Disappearance Of Adalia”
Label: Independant
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

You will not always find twin Brothers in Rock bands these days and I think the last time it was done was with Nelson but thankfully, the guys in Madina Lake deliver a little heavier brand of Melodic Rock on their debut EP. The origins of the band began in 2004 when the brothers had a set vision on what they wanted to do musically and also their mutual desire to see Matthew’s short story come to life via the music that they played. Matthew had penned a tale about a town nestled between the mountains called “Madina Lake”. It’s a town of secrets and socio-political nuances and it is all brought to life with Poppy and catchy riffs and melodic harmony vocals. There were points on the EP that reminded me a little of the band Breaking Point, while others slightly had me think of The Outfield based on the keys the guys were hitting. It’s a tasty EP and it actually serves the listener as a teaser for their full-length Roadrunner Records debut.

The first four songs presented here will appear on the release while the last two are EP exclusives only. “Here I Stand” is a great track that showcases proud defiance while “Adalia” is more of a sad clue into the key character on the album even though it is a rather rousing and swift moving track. The EP opens with “House Of Cards” which is a solid and powerful Rock number. The band lineup is Nathan Leone (vocals), Matthew Leone (bass), Mateo Camargo (guitar) & Daniel Torelli (drums). The CD has a lot of appeal in the overall riffs that are done quite tastefully. The songs are catchy enough to be easy to remember after only a couple of listens. The whole short story will be explained on their full length so let this be an appetizing sample of what is yet to come from these Chicago natives.

Readers might also find it interesting to know that the Brothers once competed on the television show “Fear Factor” on the Twins episode. They won the grand prize for the show and used the money to buy a van with a trailer. The independent EP is available via I-Tunes and the bands website.

Track Listing:
1. House Of Cards
2. One Last Kiss
3. Here I Stand
4. Adalia
5. Escape From Here
6. Pecadillos

Official Website: http://www.madinalake.com

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