“The Definitive Collection” by Whitesnake

Artist: Whitesnake
Title: “The Definitive Collection”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 2/7/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

“In the still of the night I hear the wolf howl honey”!!!!! I remember the day I first flipped on MTV and heard David Coverdale belt out that line. It would become one of the most powerful Hard Rock tracks to hit the airwaves in a long time and with its full musicality showed the world that Rock was far from dead. The song was featured on the bands self-titled album, which was a powerhouse of Hard Rock mixed with some killer power ballads. Now with “The Definitive Collection” Whitesnake fans around the world get the chance to be bitten again by some of their very best material. Coverdale himself had a hand in the production of this piece to make sure that nothing you expected would be left out. It includes an ample amount of tracks from “Whitesnake” tracks (the self-titled has its three biggest tracks showcased), but there is also the best stuff from “Slide It In”. If you have not yet snared this album this should be a great means of introducing you to what it contains. Other albums represented are “Slip Of The Tongue” as well as tracks from “Lovehunter” which was never available in the US. A fine representation of the entire catalog with 18 songs on this single CD collection. Essentially there is something for everyone here. The CD also includes a track from the Coverdale Page album which is a definite tip of the hat to Led Zeppelin and should have led to a reunion of some sort with Coverdale at the helm (yes, it was that close). Hard core fans might gripe about some songs being omitted but there are 18 songs of course and this covers quite a few albums from a large hit making group. It is never easy to do this on a single CD collection. The CD also comes with a few great photos of the most popular lineup as well as an essay and liner notes on the songs.

A DVD is being released as well which features a live concert filmed in 2004. The lineup while still loaded with great musicians is not the one on many of these songs. It is my hope that some videos or performance footage of the varied lineups of Whitesnake surfaces as well for over the course of the years the band has featured Adrian Vandenburg, Steve Vai, Vivian Campbell, Tommy Aldridge, Rudy Sarzo, Micky Moody and Cozy Powell. When you see these names all at once it makes you realize the reason that Whitesnake was as good as they were. How could anything less transpire? Get this album and slide it in one more time.

Track Listing:
1. Don’t Break My Heart Again
2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
3. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
4. Ready An’ Willing
5. Slide It In
6. Love Ain’t No Stranger
7. Slow An’ Easy
8. Fool For Your Loving
9. Judgement Day
10. The Deeper The Love
11. Now You’re Gone
12. Looking For Love
13. Give Me All Your Love
14. Is This Love
15. Here I Go Again
16. Still Of The Night
17. Pride & Joy
18. We Wish You Well

Official Website: www.whitesnake.com

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