The CW Network Aims An “Arrow” At Its Viewers

I’m getting to this a little past the show’s premier, but that was based on my being busy with all the posts involving the NY Comic Con 2012 so please pardon me for the lapse. In any event, DC Comics has given us a live action television series called “Arrow” which will bring to life the adventures of a hero we know and love called Green Arrow. The official byline is below:

The television series iteration of the DC Comics character stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, an eccentric billionaire who was recently discovered alive on a deserted island after having been presumed dead for five years. Queen returns to Starling City and begins moonlighting as a crime fighter. Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 10th.

Poster - Arrow TV Series

The show fills the gap in programming left by “Smallville” which told the pre-history of Superman when he was a younger man. I admit that I never watched that particular show but perhaps I will be able to enjoy them all via Netflix sometime in the future. I was a fan of “Birds Of Prey” and of course the classic “Batman” series of bygone days which I would love to see again but I digress. The clips for “Arrow” look really good and while he doesn’t wear a proper mask, he does seem to sport some dark paint on his eyes and wears a hood like we saw in the “Longbow Hunters” tales. It seems action packed and that is a good thing. Even though I am a few weeks behind already, I will be sure to get the On Demand working and keep up from here. My hope is that we shall see some other characters from the DC Comics Universe making an appearance in the show, even if they would very likely be changed around quite a bit from what we are used to. Television has a way of doing that.

Perhaps you are not 100% up on the Green Arrow as a character, and if this should be the case, I have embedded a number of quality reads that have been issued as trade paperbacks for your indulgence. Some personal favorites are also below in case you wondered.

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