“The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” Went To Toy Insider’s “Holiday Of Play” @ Home

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Greetings Legions, its time for another one of those signpost narratives because I am here to tell you about another awesome virtual adventure that was documented over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website. Over the summer, you might have remembered my sharing the news that the annual Toy Insider “Sweet Suite” event had gone virtual based on the inability to properly host in-person events due to the virus. It was fun and I made the best of it and as expected, their annual holiday event would follow suit based on these same considerations. That being said the first-ever “Holiday Of Play @ Home” would be presented and this event is on a smaller scale than the summer event based on it being succinctly focused on their holiday lists.

Before I get on with the main event here I should point out that this is my 11th Toy Insider event and we’ve been to each of their yearly galas since 2016 according to my records. Interested readers will find some coverage on PiercingMetal.com while the stuff focused on a younger audience sits comfortably over on “The Chronicles”. I will say that one of the things that I like most about their affairs is the chance to be of greater support to a lot of vendors who I can’t always talk about on the Metal and Pop Culture site. The narrative is very similar to the one I did for Sweet Suite at Home since I was in the same environment but it was fun to present it like that. Head over to the story by clicking HERE and I hope that you enjoy it.

Important: As is the practice with my redirecting your attention to my other outlet, the means to comment on this narrative has been disabled. Those interested in leaving topical comments on the overall story are welcome to leave them on Piercing Ken where they are open for you to do so. It was a fun adventure for sure and I can’t wait to have you see it. I now return you to the Metal and Geek programs already in progress.

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