The 69 Eyes Announce Special 30th Anniversary Streaming Concert

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Bands announcing special streaming concerts is no longer new news as the Coronavirus Pandemic reaches its third month or so and finds events postponed until later or cancelled in full still being announced. Recently, The Helsinki Vampires in The 69 Eyes revealed that they too will offer a special streaming concert and you can read all about it down below. Check it out.

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The Press Release:
THE 69 EYES released their apocalyptically titled new album West End last fall and started their all year lasting 30th anniversary world tour. Now they are celebrating their three decades by streaming a live show from Helsinki, Finland on Friday June 10 AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern The Helsinki Vampires will rock around the world for their fans live on their screens and the ticket link works for four days after. More expensive ticket allows also for a virtual meet & greet with the band.

“We’re excited to play our 30th anniversary show at Helsinki’s House Of Culture (Kulttuuritalo). It’s a legendary venue where I saw THE RAMONES back in the day. All the classic rock bands have played there over the years from JIMI HENDRIX to LED ZEPPELIN to METALLICA! Now we can invite all our fans all over the world to celebrate with us there,” says the vocalist Jyrki 69.

THE 69 EYES at Sunborn Live Stream from Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland
Tickets: 9,90€/16,90€
Merch store (worldwide):

Show times:
Los Angeles – 10:00 AM
Mexico City – 12:00 PM
New York – 1:00 PM
Sao Paolo – 2:00 PM
London – 18:00
Berlin – 19:00
Helsinki – 20:00
Moscow – 20:00
Sydney – 1:00 AM (+ 1 day)

“West End” is available as digipak including the album and a with a band documentary directed by Ville Lipiäinen on Blu-ray (preview:, as vinyl or download via this link:

Get special bundles with vinyl / CD-digipack / t-shirt / hoodie, in the band shops:
EU store:
US store:

In case you missed the previous two singles, check them out here:
“27 & Done”:
“Black Orchid”:
“Two Horns Up [feat. Dani Filth]” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:


THE 69 EYES are:
Jyrki 69 – vocals
Bazie – guitar, backing vocals
Timo-Timo – guitar
Archzie – bass, backing vocals
Jussi 69 – drums

Here’s a clip we shot from the bands last NYC visit. Please enjoy the video and subscribe to our channel to be made aware of more coolness the moment it goes online. Kiitos.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Having enjoyed the music of The 69 Eyes since around 2003, I just might look into this streaming concert. While it’s true that I wanted to see the Sonata Arctica, Katatonia, Swallow The Sun and Insomnium ones, I just found myself getting tied up keeping my personal world in order since the time was finally here to do it. If there is one thing we can take from the quarantine time, its the chance to address things that you might have slacked on. Since we still have some time to go in this process, I’m going to refer you all to a hopefully fun set of suggestions that I did for my other website “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. Check that item out HERE and let me know what you think about this streaming concert. You can do that down in the comments section below. Kippis.

Official Website:

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