The 2020 NYCC x MCM Metaverse Begins Today

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Hey there my friends, this is just a quick reminder announcement to make sure that you knew that the New York Comic Con Metaverse for 2020 is starting today. This virtual event comes on the heels of ReedPOP being forced to cancel the annual physical NYCC based on the Coronavirus Pandemic. As you might expect, this is no time to host an event that brings in more than a quarter million people into a single place. I’ve shared a few posts about the things to do during this virtual convention and you can examine them by clicking HERE. There are a LOT of panels and a LOT of cool giveaways and exclusives that you can purchase from the same vendors that you would see while walking up and down the aisles of the Javits Center.

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As you most likely know, we love attending the New York Comic Con each and every year and hit our own 10th Anniversary of attendance back in 2019. I will miss the friends I have at the assorted booths and all the incredible Cosplayers that I post on my daily narratives and the Official Instagram. With that in mind, let’s walk back through time and remember what a fun event like this looks like by clicking HERE. I do hope to see you all at something in the future. Stay safe out there and I will see you here again soon.

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