“Take It To The Limit” (Deluxe Edition) by Hinder

Artist: Hinder
Title: “Take It ToThe Limit” Deluxe Edition
Label: Universal Republic
Release Date: 11/4/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

To be honest I had limited background in the band Hinder when they had embarked on their co-headlining tour with Motley Crue but had to admit that a lot of the material that was done for the show I attended made me look into their release “Take It To The Limit”. I initially had some hesitation in doing this based on the Allmusic.com rating of their previous release “Extreme Behavior” as one of the year’s worst offerings but had to say that I found a lot of appeal in what was happening on their follow-up “TITTL”. To best describe what Hinder is doing is to say that they offer up a user friendly brand of Hard Rock that would and should easily appeal to the fans of bands like Nickelback and maybe even in some sense the nineties era Bon Jovi based on some of the songs which are clearly “live concert” sing along numbers. The band is fronted by singer Austin Winkler who has a raspy yet appealing voice and it seems as though all of the rest of the guys offer up some backing vocals to allow for bigger sounding choruses whenever possible. My favorite tune right off the bat was “Last Kiss Goodbye” which finds the singer dealing with infidelity as he tries to come to grips with his dissolving relationship. “Take It To The Limit” is a rocking number that features Motley Crue’s own Mick Mars on some guitar while “Loaded And Alone” paints a picture about how living life inside the bottle is not always such a flattering thing. I also took to “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “Heaven Sent” based on the positive ways that they depict relationships. There are some good lines in there that might make these quite the popular numbers for couples who are in the audience. I had to say that I liked the release much more than I had expected to and while there is nothing over the top or adventurous being done musically, the guys are all doing a good job. The band is rounded out by Joe Garvey (guitar), Mark King (guitar), Mike Rodden (bass) and Cody Hanson (drums). With the guys in Nickelback getting so much airplay there seems to be a call for this kind of Rock and I would rather see this happen than find another lame Emo band rising up.

I was reviewing the Deluxe Edition of the CD which presents you the full original release of music and a bonus DVD which has the video for “Take It To The Limit” to enjoy as well. It’s Eco-Friendly packaging is very “Adult Eyes Only” as its loaded with visuals that seem to find the band relaxing at home at the Playboy Mansion or something like it based on all of the nude women that one finds everywhere the eye seems to focus. It’s nothing “X-Rated” of course, but you might want to keep those younger eyes away from this one and instead get them the regular edition. Fans who buy this one also get five additional photos that are made to look like Polaroids as each member of the group is shown posing with a couple of lovely young ladies that just happen to be topless. The provided lyric booklet finds these same kinds of photos along with lyrics to each of the songs and perhaps if you are in the same shoes as one of the people being sung about, you might just find yourself reading these words a little longer based on the visual stimuli that’s offered with them. The release as a whole is pretty good and if you are seeking a solid Hard Rock band to follow I can say that this album might do the trick very well for those needs but be aware of who might be looking at the CD in your collection before you decide which one to purchase.

Track Listing:
1. Use Me
2. Loaded And Alone
3. Last Kiss Goodbye
4. Up All Night
5. Without You
6. Take It To The Limit
7. The Best Is Yet To Come
8. Heaven Sent
9. Thing For You
10. Lost In The Sun
11. Far From Home

Official Website: http://www.hindermusic.com

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