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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2013: Day 2 – Part 6

“6, 6, 6….the number of the piece” – Well, alright, its more the number of the chapter but I like to get creative here especially since there are so many wonderful sights to share with you fine readers. As I’ve said already in the previous five installments, these visuals and commentary hail from the 2013 NY Comic Con were I was wandering among the fans as a fan as well and it was surely a different albeit interesting experience. Here we go with my sixth installment of images and views from the Second Day of NY Comic Con. Let’s suit up 🙂

First up the Capcom Pavilion – Makers of great video games which you can see some fans playing in this photo from afar.

nycc 2013, ny comic con 2013, ny comic con
Capcom Pavilion

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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 2; Part 1

Friday was here and we were now at what amounted to the true beginning of the NY Comic Con for 2011. Yesterday’s preview that we managed to get during the Press, Professionals & VIP Ticket Holders day was great, but it was only a three hour tour of what was there and this event is not something that is easily digested in that amount of time by any stretch of the imagination. As mentioned in the first chapter of these adventures I will be breaking the days up into different parts to allow an easier manner of enjoyment. I snapped a lot of photos and the Press adventuring continues now.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2011, nycc 2011

Once again joining me for the Con would be Skeleton Pete as he was mapping out his own coverage on his blog. The weather on Friday was being reported on the questionable side so we arrived at the Javits Center shortly after the doors to the tremendous space had been opened. As we walked down the street we witnessed a lot of the Cosplayers heading in the same direction and our first photo for the day was this charming Harley Quinn. She surprised me when she said she had remembered me and the website from the Emilie Autumn show that was back in February. Here we see her willing to hench for hugs and with a mini Joker.

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