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“You Fat B**tards” & “Who Cares A Lot” by Faith No More

Artist: Faith No More
Title: “You Fat B**tards” & “Who Cares A Lot”
Label: Rhino Records
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

Faith No More was a breath of fresh air from the Hair Metal that had gotten out of hand during the tail end of the 80’s. They were also a band that seemed far more ahead of its time from the coming Grunge movement that would follow soon after. Mixing Hard Rock with Rap and Funk styling to a positive effect along with tasty melodies Faith No More quickly found themselves on both mainstream radio catering to Rock as well as the popular still showing videos MTV. Musically it was a very different time and the people who clamored for some level of difference found themselves enjoying what Faith No More was bringing to the table. Yet despite all this attention others would miss the point entirely. It was a very intense form of Rock, and when the group released “The Real Thing” they showed that boundaries could be crossed with some level of success and be done well. The double feature DVD release of “You Fat Bastards, Live At The Brixton Academy” is the perfect addition for your music collection for not only do you get a great concert performance, but you are also treated to a second DVD that collects all the bands videos. Older fans will remember a few of them, especially “Epic” with the struggling fish out of water at the end which caused quite a stir in the world of animal activism. Lead singer Mike Patton is also a character and fun to watch during most of these video segments. The films are interlaced with footage culled from the times of the release which works very well and probably would never have been seen again if not used in this fashion. The title of this DVD is “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Videos”.
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