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Yngwie Malmsteen @ Gramercy Theatre

Yngwie is a wizard on the lead guitar but you know this already and its why the notice about his long overdue appearance in NYC excites you.

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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2013: The Concerts

At this point in time do I really need to say that I see a lot of concerts during the course of the year? I hope not because this one of the key factors that makes up my daily life as founder of the PiercingMetal brand. That said ?I wanted to once again use the Official Blog for the site to highlight a number of the shows that I attended during 2013 that I felt were the absolute best experiences. They’re not really in order of impact or importance but there are a few at the top that did hit me the hardest. Here we go.

1. Metallica @ The Apollo Theater: Thrashing like a maniac in Harlem? Yeah that happened. Classic set and free beer for the whole show. No complaints here.

2. Kamelot @ Stage 48: Returning to the headlining stage with Delain as support and Eklipse. This was a righteous show for sure. My belief in this band was reinforced yet again. I was not surprised in this.

3. Eddie Trunk 30th Anniversary Bash: Another one that I was super fortunate to participate in because an all-star jam with members of KISS, Overkill, Twisted Sister, Accept, Anthrax, Stryper, Guns n Roses and so many more is just impossible to qualify as being “an okay time”. This was insanity.

4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: The final go round for the “Lost Christmas Eve” tour premise. Always a bombastic spectacle that needs seeing for believing.

5. Rock Allegiance Tour w/Volbeat & HIM @ Williamsburg Park: Two excellent main acts and solid support from All That Remains. Whew. Exciting for Brooklyn and you know how we roll in this borough.
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Win Tix To See Yngwie Malmsteen In NYC On 4/30/2013

Click Poster To Purchase Tickets
Click Poster To Purchase Tickets

The Details: Yngwie Is God! Well, at least that was what one of my friends told me so many years ago and he is a guitar player so likely knows this a little better than a drummer like me would. Nevertheless, I have greatly enjoyed this master musicians output for decades and was super excited at the chance to offer my readers this contest thanks to the fine folks at Livenation. Check out how you can see his concert at Irving Plaza for free…….
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2008: The Music

If you have been observing the releases that came upon us during 2008 then you will agree that this was a tremendous year for Metal. We’ve noted in our editorial that it felt like the year of the comeback as much as it delivered new bands that we hope will shine far into the future. The multi-faceted genre that makes up our Metal not only delivered quality music releases but also DVD’s, Books and Concerts that left you sore and with that in mind we are lining out some of the best stuff that we felt was delivered. In this installment I will only be giving the tip of the hat to the best albums for 2008 since I liked a lot of them. Doing it like this lets us all keep a proper focus. Here we go.

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The Best Albums Of 2008:

Eluveitie “Slania” (Nuclear Blast Records): Pagan/Folk Metal of resounding proportions. I loved this one and played it quite a bit.

Meshuggah “Obzen” (Nuclear Blast Records) – Reminding us with every groove and spine crushing riff that they are one of the most powerful Metal bands on the planet. If this is news to you, then get with the program.

Journey “Revelation”(Columbia Records): New singer, new album, new versions of classic material & a DVD concert all in one package? Truly this is a standout release from the Rock legends.

Whitesnake “Good To Be Bad” (SPV Records): It’s as if no time had passed by and this CD came out after the juggernaut self-titled album from the eighties. Great work guys.

Def Leppard “Songs From The Sparkle Lounge” (Universal Music): I haven’t liked a Def Leppard album in years and was set on giving them up entirely until this one came out and showed us that they still had it in them.
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Yngwie Malmsteen @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (10/26/2008)

Guitar virtuoso Yngwie J. Malmseen was back in New York City to deliver his smoldering new album with singer Tim “Ripper” Owens as a part of his bands lineup.  The show was held at The Blender Theater and we were on point to bring the scoop to your attention in words and images.  Scroll past the logo below to see our item.

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Artist: Yngwie Malmsteen
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: ANJ
Date: 10/26/2008
Label: Rising Force Records

It’s been almost three years since The Big Apple has been able to enjoy a live performance from guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, and since that last time a number of dramatic changes have taken place in the musician’s career. The first change would come with the closure of record label Spitfire Records which was for a number of years the easiest place for stateside fans to be able to obtain his last batch of recordings. The second biggest change would come when the guitarist chose to replace long time singer Doogie White with the one and only Tim “Ripper” Owens and begin working on a new smoldering release that would be entitled “The Perpetual Flame”. “The Perpetual Flame” would be a special release for other reasons outside of it continuing to remind the music fans about just why we love Yngwie’s playing so much and even about the fact about Ripper being a part of it. You see, this would be the first CD to be released on the musicians own label imprint called “Rising Force Records”. It was a bold move but we can learn more about that at a later date, for now let’s just go over how amazing tonight’s show was in the event that you somehow missed out on it. If you went, let it serve as a reminder.
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