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Let’s Get Excited: “Superman/Batman” Film Will Happen In 2015

Logo - Superman Batman

A couple of days ago as the San Diego Comic Con came to an end, it was revealed in the Warner Brothers panel that instead of a “Man Of Steel 2” film to follow up the blockbuster summer release, that the fans of the DC Comics franchises will get a film featuring both Superman AND Batman. We got this cool image but I fear not much else but its without question that its very easy to get excited about this kind of news.

Any of the comic book fans that have been enjoying the output of the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows full well that Warner Brothers has been clamoring for a Justice League film but unlike how Iron Man worked into Incredible Hulk and Thor into Captain America into Avengers, nothing of the sort has been done with any of the last ten years Batman films. If you paid attention during “Man Of Steel” though you might recall a scene where a Wayne Industries satellite gets destroyed so there was a tiny clue there to show how there might be more to this world than the big blue boy scout. We even saw some Lexcorp fuel trucks get demolished so Luthor is somewhere out there as well but nothing else. Green Lantern didn’t give us a clue that they walked the same Earth and we have yet to see Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Flash and perhaps the Atom or Martian Manhunter in the cinema flesh yet. I remain hopeful.

I want to add that I really enjoyed “Man Of Steel” and had many initial reservations about the film but left with a smile on my face that found me looking forward to the expansion of Superman’s world in film once more. That was not the same case for “The Dark Knight Rises” which I felt left me for want. It was good but I didn’t need to see it again. I’ll watch “MOS” again for sure and while they are different properties, can say that I have watched the Marvel movies several times apiece. It’s possible for a “Superman/Batman” film to work but will it need a lot more fleshing out than they are prepared for? I guess it all boils down to what is the story that they are going to tell. I anticipate this being like when John Byrne did the “Man Of Steel” comic back in the eighties. Superman and Batman were NOT friends at all at first and were at odds on every page. That makes sense. I also think that whatever this film brings to the table needs to introduce at least one more if not two new heroes for the eventual “Justice League” film to even make sense.

What do you fans and readers of the comic book offerings think? I am leaving the comments open to any possible dialogue.

DC Comics “The New 52”: We Can Be Zeros

Just for one month…….

New readers might not be aware of this right off the bat but my longer term ones do and that is that I’ve been trying to do more and more comic book related narratives here on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal.com; So far I’ve presented dozens of pieces on the DC Comics initiative for “The New 52” and that leads me to their next big move which is offering up their readers “0” issues. Speaking personally, I guess I would have started off the line with that, but I guess it was a nicer idea to put 52 brand new number ones in the hands of fans when they started this last September. Now with the first anniversary of this grand undertaking just coming up they are marking the occasion by doing something special once again. Every title published during September will be issue “0”. Make room in your collection for them. My plan is to wrangle up as many copies of these issues as possible and deliver narratives in the same kind of segments that I did with the other titles (in essence, a posting for Batman titles, Superman, Green Lantern, The Justice League and so on). It works better for keeping the focus on the mythos for those heroes and makes more logical sense. Until then please stay tuned and enjoy these covers for the first batch of “0” issues.

Comic - Action Comics 0 - 2012
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Presenting DC Comics “The New 52”: The Second Wave

It’s been a few months since DC Comics began their “The New 52” initiative for their fans and while some of it has been solid, there have also been some lackluster moments in the run of titles. The announcement came that the following titles would be ending after their eighth issues (“Blackhawks”, “Hawk and Dove”, “Men of War”, “Mister Terrific”, “O.M.A.C.”, and “Static Shock”). I will be honest here and say that I will not miss most of the ones that are being cancelled with the exception being “Hawk and Dove” based on my always liking the characters along with “O.M.A.C.” as it was different and just a little bit of “Mister Terrific” since it was becoming more interesting. I had never been a fan of the Blackhawk angle and war comics just don’t appeal to me unless it was something more classic like we got with “Sgt. Rock” or the strangeness of “Weird War Tales”.

The Second Wave titles are “Earth 2”, “World’s Finest”, “Batman Incorporated”, “The Ravagers”, “G.I. Combat” and “Dial H”. The way the titles are being segmented is with two going to the Justice League family of titles while one apiece goes to Batman, Young Justice, The Edge and The Dark. No additions or subtractions will affect the Superman and Green Lantern titles with this go round. Only time will tell if this will change, but right now these families of titles only have four books apiece so they might leave well enough alone if the sales remain strong.

Am I excited about any of these? Well yes and no. I am intrigued by “Earth 2” and “World’s Finest” since they present a different heroic timeline and reality while the latter title takes the time honored place of Superman and Batman and gives the limelight to Power Girl and The Huntress. That should be interesting. Not so much keen on the Batman Incorporated title but will enjoy seeing “Dial H” back in action. As far as the new war title, let’s see what it offers. My review plans for these books will find them being included in the ongoing family of titles postings. It makes the most logical sense to do it like that.

Official Website: www.dccomics.com

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