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Adult Swim Announces “Metalocalypse” Feature Film Being Greenlit

Earlier today the folks at Adult Swim took to Facebook and announced that a film for the mighty “Metalocalypse” had been greenlit. I’ve culled that brief for you down below and added some editorial closing thoughts. Dig in.

adult swim logo

The Statement:
This original film has been green-lit. Any complaints and we’re turning this internet around and going home #metalocalypse


PiercingMetal Thoughts: I greatly enjoyed the madness and mayhem that was every episode of “Metalocalypse” and though I didn’t see much of the final season, I own the first two on DVD. I guess I should investigate whether or not the whole thing is on a Blu-ray set at this point. I caught them in concert a couple of times and those were a hoot since there were live musicians hidden in darkness while the scenes played on massive screens on the stage. I’d go to see this if it comes to theaters and while its been greenlit, I have no idea as to how finished anything is. There might actually be content that was just waiting on an okay to put together and release but as more information comes to light I will be sure to share it here. Thanks for reading, please chime in with your own opinion and I will see you next time around. Stay safe out there.

Official: http://www.adultswim.com
Official Metalocalypse Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metalocalypse

Watch The Full Performance Of Dethklok @ Adult Swim Festival 2019

dethklok logo

It’s been five years since the world had last heard from the mighty Dethklok but they have returned for a performance at the 2019 Adult Swim Festival. The bands full set was captured and posted on YouTube.com and since I greatly enjoyed the group when I was able to witness the spectacle, I’ve happily shared said clip of the concert. Enjoy.

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“I Ejaculate Fire” (Single) by Metalocalypse: Deathklok

Artist: Metalocalypse: Deathlok
Title: “I Ejaculate Fire” (Single)
Label: Williams Street
Release Date: 9/4/2012
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Just when you thought it was safe to go into your music library, the Metal maniacs of “Metalocalypse: Dethklok” have returned with the first taste from their soon to be released album in a tune called “I Ejaculate Fire”. I had to admit that this was quite the title to find myself typing and struck me as more of a GWAR title but since we are dealing with Nathan Explosion, William Murderface and the rest of the gang it kind of makes sense. It all comes care of the creative mind of Brendon Small and here are some thoughts on the tune.
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“Metalocalypse: Season 2” starring Dethklok

Artist: Dethklok
Title: “Metalocalypse: Season 2”
Label: William Street
Release Date: 12/2/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal Animation
Rating: 4/5

If you thought that the guys in Dethklok were doomed and done for after the massive assault that was launched on them during the finale of “Metalocalypse” Season 1 then I am happy to report that the rumors of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, the Tribunal and its legions tried their best and did a lot of damage but no band members were killed in the process. Now they have returned for Season 2 of the series and while it begins with the group in seclusion for fear of further attacks, the antics and mayhem that often come part in parcel during their daily routine is very much the same as it was during the first season. Despite their necessary seclusion the band seems hardly phased by the attacks and still treat each other as awful as they had in the earlier episodes. There is a lot of verbal and physical abuse going on and of course a whopping dose of very colorful language which seems to have been increased this time around. The misadventures that the group undertakes this time around finds them getting fashion upgrades, attending a family wedding and a funeral as well as becoming intervention specialists for a cocaine addled Dr. Rockzo. Of course each episode concludes with most of the surrounding cast of players being decimated and the band unscathed and unaffected but that is to be expected when one is talking about Dethklok. Legal Eagle Ofdensen tries his best at each and every turn to be the voice of reason to deaf ears and as result it’s during one episode he finds himself being replaced by the band with someone cooler.
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Dethklok @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (6/25/2008)

Logo - Dethklok

Artist: Dethklok
Venue: Nokia Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Chimaira, Soilent Green
Date: 6/25/2008
Label: Williams Street

Dethklok is a Heavy Metal band that is not all that easy to describe using conventional terms but I shall attempt to give it a go. For starters, one needs to realize that the overall power of the band is nothing short of legendary and the impact of their music on the Metal terrain of the imaginary world in which they walk borderlines on the extraordinary. This is pretty powerful stuff when you consider that we are speaking of an animated band from a far away future. Given that, one would have to wonder just how a real life invasion on this plane of existence would be able to come to pass. Fortunately for everyone inside the Times Square Nokia Theater tonight, there would be plenty of time to learn and enjoy just how this was going to be done and the show would find these juggernauts supported by Soilent Green and Chimaira. The popularity of the “Metalokalypse” show on Adult Swim that features Dethklok has proven to be so big that this particular show in New York had been sold out for many weeks in advance and what was interesting to me as an observer was all the wide varieties of Metal fan that were present for this event. You truly had a representation of all different genre fans and that just goes to show how many people this program is reaching. Soilent Green was coming up first and they are usually an interesting act so I made sure to get in place to check them out. Here is how the evening went down should you have missed it.
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