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Presenting Doro’s “Track By Track” Thoughts on “Forever Warriors”/”Forever United”

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For many fans in the Metal Legions of the World, the inimitable Doro Pesch is the reigning Queen. She has kept it going for decades and always brings the fire to the fans with her ever so memorable performances. Having seen her on many occasions over the years I can attest to the good time that one has at a Doro show. This summer finds her releasing not one but two brand-new albums with on Nuclear Blast Records with “Forever Warriors” and “Forever United”. To help raise awareness about the massive undertaking, Doro was filmed offering up a brief notion or two on every single track across the two albums. That’s right, I said EVERY SINGLE TRACK. They started today but in the interest of time and focus (and also to prevent myself from having “25” different Doro posts in a short time frame, I will present them all as one for your enjoyment. Here we go…

“All For Metal”:


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The Making Of Dimmu Borgir’s “Eonian”; “Writing The Album”

It’s been quite a few years since the Metal world has gotten a brand-new album by Symphonic Black Metal giants Dimmu Borgir and soon “Eonian” will be unleashed upon the world. The bands issued two singles already with “Interdimensional Summit” and “Council Of Wolves And Snakes” and now its time to join Silenoz and Shagrath at Blackcraft Cult as they discuss the writing of the new album.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add about this clip and that’s usually the case with these presentations unless something super shocking is revealed. Stay tuned for any of the follow-up clips about this albums creation and be sure to order “Eonian” nice and early care of the Amazon.com link below.

Official Website: https://www.dimmu-borgir.com/

Nuclear Blast Presents: Overkill “Live In Overhausen” Official Trailer #1

Historically speaking, the Thrash Metal titans known as Overkill have been wrecking our necks since 1980 and their catalog is rife with tunes that inspire some of the wildest mosh pits ever experienced. 2018 finds the band celebrating two of their bodies of work with the live CD/DVD entitled “Live In Overhausen” which comes care of their label, Nuclear Blast Records. Recently the band unveiled the first trailer about the release. Check it out.

About The Clip: Celebrating the band’s history, Live In Overhausen, captured not one but two album anniversaries. Fans assembled on April 16, 2016 at Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany for the 25th Anniversary of “Horrorscope” and 30th Anniversary of where it all began, “Feel The Fire”. A full night of kill from the past played loud and in its entirety!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told this is not a big deal of a trailer outside of it sharing the ideas that will be manifested in the forthcoming live video release and its subsequent album. It’s a nice teaser but the band founders who speak (Blitz and D.D.) don’t really outline much more than they decided to do two of their classic albums for the recording. It’s not a bad idea since we haven’t had a live Overkill recording in many, many years. This behind the scenes clip doesn’t even feature any of their sonic live show outside of a quick blink of the stage from the audience. I’ll be watching out for additional trailers and will surely share them here when we are alerted. Did you like this teaser? Chime in below as its always welcome. You can pre-order the release care of the Amazon.com link below.

Official Website: http://www.wreckingcrew.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 17

As noted in the previous clip, the band is now on tour and Nightwish’s latest epic “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” is bringing Symphonic Metal joy to their worldwide fans. Clip #17 shows some of the rehearsal time and song selection process. Let’s watch.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is going to be the end of my posting the Nightwish clips because I have a feeling that they will keep on sharing the most recent activities in a behind the scenes fashion. I figure that “17” individual posts amounts to a good show of support don’t you think? Stuff like this sure keeps a writer busy and amps up the content base so that’s not a bad thing. Hopefully a lot of you national readers are making the trek to see one of the bands shows and being thrilled from beginning to end. Now its back to the everything else.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com

Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 16

Now that the whole creative process is over and the album is out, the remaining clips seem to just be focused on some of the other finer details. Episode “16” is about the albums artwork.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I watched this one a little more intensely since I have not yet opened my copy of the album. I picked up a copy at the show when the band played in NYC which was last night and the opening of the tour. To say that this was a phenomenal experience is an understatement and you folks who plan on attending are in for a treat. Hmm, now that the new album is out I should go back into all of these clips and add it in as a purchase on each of them. That’s fine if we help sell more copies. There are fifteen clips before this one and you are going to want to see them all so click on THIS LINK if you missed any. Later.

Official Website: http://www.nightwish.com