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The Arena Club in Queens NYC Has Closed (8/24/2012)


I observed this on someone’s Facebook page earlier today and am sharing the information with The Metal Republic because a number of the bands that I know around the scene have booked shows there and were looking forward to doing more. This apparently took place the other day so please read on.

“Attention all our ARENA QUEENS fans & friends: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the City Marshall has padlocked and shut down Arena. We have worked diligently with the Marshall & Landlord and tried everything in our power to keep the club open during this unfortunate process, but to no avail. This is not to say that we will not get the club back open at a future date at this location, or possibly another location, but for right now the doors are shut. We thank all our fans and friends who have supported us over the last 7 months, our wonderful staff, all the bands, promoters, DJs etc that helped make this a great place to perform and hang out at! We will keep you posted, so watch this page for any future announcements regarding ARENA QUEENS!!!”

Sadly I had not yet been out there for a show as the schedule did not allow it but it’s always terrible to see a promising space go away but such is the way we find the scene today. I imagine that any inquiries about this matter can be directed to the venue via their Facebook Page which I have linked for your use.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ArenaQueens