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Dynamite Entertainment Reveals Week Five Free ComiXology First Issues

Hey Fiends, it’s another manic Monday and yes please remind yourself that this is indeed a Monday because thanks to the quarantine the days are starting to bleed together like one long blur. I am back once more to share that Dynamite Entertainment and ComiXology are continuing their collaboration to give you a stack of free digital comics. Last week I shared the Fourth Batch so click HERE to see them if you missed a post.

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The Press Release:
Another week, another dozen exciting issues from Dynamite and ComiXology – FREE! That brings the grand total to 63 free jumping-on points and nearly 1,500 pages of comics to curl up with in quarantine. Every FREE Issue Available HERE
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Dynamite Entertainment Reveals “Zombie” Variant Covers For March 2020

The Press Release:
Dynamite’s March 2020 variant covers have been infected with a zombie plague!

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Artist Juan Gedeon is contributing 7 special connecting covers across the Dynamite line, depicting everyone’s favorite protagonists trying to survive and fight against the apocalyptic virus, or succumbing to it themselves. Fans can collect them all and imagine the untold connecting narrative between them. For even more Dynamite undead action, readers can check out the currently running KISS Zombies, Red Sonja: Age of Chaos and of course the inside of Death to the Army of Darkness – and each Vampirella title for that matter! Dynamite is proud to be the home for kickass horror-action comics.
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Dynamite Entertainment Reveals SDCC 2019 Plans

I guess its safe to say that with Comic Con International: San Diego just around the corner, that the bevy of posts I’d loaded in so far will be slowing down. If you’ve missed any of them just click HERE to bring up a full run of the awesome. Now its onto the plans from Dynamite Entertainment.

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The Press Release:
Dynamite announces their slate of San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel appearances and creators attending the show!

2019 is a huge year for Dynamite, marking the publisher’s 15th anniversary as well as the 50th anniversary of their flagship heroine Vampirella! It’s a big year of the San Diego Comic Con as well. The very first SDCC, then actually known as the Golden State Comic Book Convention, was 49 years ago. But wait… Think the math over again, that makes this the 50th convention. 50-50!To celebrate all these anniversaries and other exciting developments in the “Dynamite Universe,” the team has prepared a trio of tantalizing talks for longtime fans as well as newcomers jazzed about the latest critically acclaimed titles and more just around the corner. Executive Editor Joseph Rybandt will feature on all panels and be bringing along top tier talent to discuss the past, present and future of Dynamite!

First on Thursday, Dynamite kicks off the convention festivities with the Vampirella 50th Anniversary panel! Come by Room 8 from 5:30 – 6:30 PM to join current Vampirella writer Christopher Priest, legendary Vampi chronicler and scribe of the just announced Vengeance of Vampirella Tom Sniegoski, writer/artist and independent comics legend Joseph Michael Linsner, and veteran Vampi cover artist Joe Jusko. Lead by editor Joseph Rybandt, this merry team of pros will delve into their involvement on current Vampirella projects as well as fondly look back at her 50 years prior. She still looks just as good! And kicks just as much ass!
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Scenes From “Free Comic Book Day” in Brooklyn (5/4/2019)

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“Free Comic Book Day” is currently underway and I was on point at my local retailer of Galaxy Comics in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn nice and early to take advantage of the titles being offered before any of them ran out of the supply. Let’s head inside and start browsing and making some critical choices of what to fill our bag with.

free comic book day, fcbd, photos from free comic book day 2019

Last month I did a quick overview of the titles that interested me the most and if you feel like checking that summary out just click HERE. Fortunately all of the issues that I wanted and then some were available. Let’s examine in visual together, I will not be saying much along the way.

free comic book day, fcbd, photos from free comic book day 2019
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Mapping Out Your 2019 “Free Comic Book Day”

As we are a few weeks away from the 2019 “Free Comic Book Day”, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to talk up some of the issues that most interested me. Now I pretty much lean towards the superhero and science fiction titles if anything but as I glanced at the numerous free provisions that will be out there on that first Saturday in May, noticed some others that were a definite curiousity. I’ve snagged the images from the Official FCDB Website but if you want a deeper overview of what each title is about you should click over to them care of THIS LINK. My plan for this narrative is to group the issues into the “Must Have”, “Would Like To Have” and are “Somewhat Curious” about. Let’s go.

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MUST HAVE: My “MUST” have list is a little longer than I anticipated for this years FCBD and of course I don’t know what my local retailer is limiting customers to. If I can snag “10” and these are all on the shelves I am good to go because with “Avengers” being a hot commodity thanks to the “Avengers: Endgame” film opening up soon this will likely disappear from the shelves. “Deadly Class” has a hot show, and “Spawn” is getting a new movie and who doesn’t love a little “Spider-Man” at the end of the day. A big list but that’s bound to happen.

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