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“Twelve Shots On The Rocks” (remastered/reissued) by Hanoi Rocks

Artist: Hanoi Rocks
Title: “Twelve Shots On The Rocks” (remastered/reissued)
Label: Liquor And Poker Music
Release Date: 1/27/2004
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 8/10

Bare bones Rock & Roll is what it seems to have always been about with Mike Monroe and the boys in Hanoi Rocks. Even after an almost 15 year absence from a released record, Mike and company have returned with a tasty little piece of music. Originally released in late 2003 this edition features a better production with bonus tracks. I was a fan of these guys way back in a limited sense as I owned a Live cassette who’s name and location has been lost in Apartments gone by. Yet this release brought me back to the energetic time of Eighties big hair Rock & Roll. I enjoyed that. The CD called “12 Shots On The Rocks” is brought to us by Liquor & Poker Music (a division of Century Media Records) and has a full 17 numbers to absorb. I feel this makes it a worthwhile purchase in this day where many artists are hardly including anything for the money. Overall I enjoyed this piece but clearly there were a few standout tracks. Among the ones that instantly caught my attention are “Obscured”, “NYC” and “Delirious”. Something about those just hit the nail on the head in terms of the music that Hanoi provided. Finland had Monroe as a star long before the likes of Nightwish and Ville Vallo (HIM). Sadly, the tragic loss of drummer Razzle in the 80’s seemed to put a hold marker on the band’s climb and no more than the cult following they had kept on supporting them. Mainstream was never really treated to a very talented band.
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