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PiercingMetal’s Tumblr Is Now The Ken Pierce Media Tumblr

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Historically speaking, PiercingMetal.com which was launched back in 2005, has gone through what I feel are many interesting changes. Initially, this was a pure HTML website that only did reviews and somewhere around 2008 we launched a connected Blog for it called “PiercingMetal Musings” which used WordPress. That blog expanded the ideas of the brand and all along the way we used whatever social networking tools available to help make this voice a bit louder. There was a PiercingMetal MySpace and while I had a personal Friendster account, I talked about my journalistic adventures on it all the time. In 2010 we learned of Tumblr which was a micro-blogging medium and connected it to our branded Twitter and would occasionally share our website posts to the network. For the most part I left it alone and when I made PiercingMetal and its Musings Blog into one bigger voice, I always tried to remember to check the box that allowed sharing to the Tumblrverse of Followers. This brings us to where we are today and the new announcement.
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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Tumblr

Here we go again with one of the many mediums in the Social Networking realm that are there to choose from and how I am applying them to my own reach as a creative running a brand like PiercingMetal.com – This one is called Tumblr.

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Similar to Twitter, the Social Networking tool of Tumblr is considered a micro-blogging site but it let’s you post a few more things to get your own personal message out. It also let’s you use more than 140 characters which appealed to me. When I first signed onto it, I was not sure how to use it to help the site as we already had a Blog of our own and a PiercingMetal focused Twitter account. With this being the case I had to admit that I was not completely sold on Tumblr but I created an account to “lock out the branding” ID of my site. I then connected it to these other accounts and pretty much left it as is. That works for me since I am not posting new writing to this as opposed to the main websites blog or core site. The cool aspect of it is loading in little videos and audio stuff if you so desire and its a nice added choice to the mix for those who for whatever reason do not like WordPress or Blogger accounts. Some of my friends love it, as it lets them be a little more creative than a Facebook or Twitter profile does so that is good since it works for their needs. As far as PiercingMetal is concerned its more of a “catch all” feed of existing things. If you are digging what we’re tossing out there we welcome your adding us to the people you follow. As the RSS feed gets a lot of different things on it, you should see new PiercingMetal site content on a very regular basis. At least that is what I think it will do.
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