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“Total Pwnage” (re-release) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Total Pwnage” (re-release)
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 9/2/2008
Genre: Video Game Metal
Rating: 4/5

It seems as though your Folk, Math, Oriental, and Neo-Classical Power Metal have a new ally joining their ranks with the arrival of Video Game Metal and this amusing new genre is served up by a band that calls themselves Powerglove. The bands demo is entitled “Total Pwnage” and its essentially a number of popular video game themes reworked into a Power Metal framework. The CD begins with the themes from Tetris which is oddly enough the only game that I have ever played that the band tinkers with and it’s very interesting to hear as it’s rather well-executed in terms of the musical compositions. The band is a four piece with twin lead guitarists Chris Marchiel and Alex Berkson and finds drumming delivered by Bassil Silver-Hajo. The bass on this demo is done with a session player listed only as Spalding. The production is rather sound for a demo recording which was a nice surprise since its shows that the band is interested in their music making a difference. The guys certainly can play which was a positive and one that might actually make this kind of thing an unexpected hit on a much larger scale. Outside of the themes from Tetris I enjoyed both the Power Rangers and Final Fantasy VII numbers and it’s the kind of recording that you will play a couple of times in sequence since it’s a lot of fun. I wish the band well with this newfangled sound and who knows – they might be on to something here.
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