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“Gold” (remaster) by Tesla

Artist: Tesla
Title: “Gold” (remaster)
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5

Back when this band was considered a struggling up and comer I had to say that for whatever reason I just refused to pay attention to them despite a couple of my friends lauding their musical excellence when the group was doing tours with Def Leppard. Don’t look at me like that because there are a lot of you that also ignored the band and didn’t start paying attention until they made an appearance on MTV’s “Unplugged” and played the old time hit “Signs”. Let’s be honest here and say that while it was a cover, this was the song that woke the wider audience up for the band Tesla and thank you guys for being so forgiving of us. Truth be told this band is a no holds barred fantastic Rock and Roll outfit that had a lot of good material to be enjoyed and since they were more of a conventional band when compared to their peers of the day, their sound was somewhat lost on the audiences that were flocking to 80’s Melodic Metal rockers and Glam Bands. I guess the timing was a little wrong for them but then again there were fans and the band became one of those underground success stories. Those who followed them did so in earnest and taught a hard lesson to those who were just coming into the game for the 3rd quarter. I was glad that there was a “Gold” remastered collection to enjoy because it’s the perfect place to begin your journey if you were one of those latecomers and an excellent place to rest upon your laurels if you have been following the band for many, many years.
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