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PiercingMetal Talks To Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine (12/7/2015)

Logo - Megadeth

Megadeth are one of the forefathers of the Thrash Metal movement and on the eve of their announcing their latest touring adventures in support of the forthcoming “Dystopia” album, I had the pleasure of speaking to the bands founder, the great Dave Mustaine. Together we discussed the state of Heavy Metal in this day and age, the selection of new Megadeth members and what fans should expect from the new album and tour. As we didn’t have a whole lot of time to chat, I kept the line of inquiry very quick and to the general point. Here’s our entire discussion.

PiercingMetal: Let me start by saying congratulations on Megadeth surpassing the thirty-year mark. How does it feel to be in command of such a band for that long a time?

Dave Mustaine: I think that anything that you do successfully for a long period of time you have to look at it and ask yourself why is this successful and I think part of that is because we’ve always had one common goal with this band and that was to be true to ourselves and I think that this translates to the fan base. If you believe in what you do, then that starts to lay the foundation for the relationship with your fans that has integrity.

PiercingMetal: Would you think that Metal is in a better place or a worse place today?

Dave Mustaine: It depends because there are so many different genres of Heavy Metal. If you’re saying do I think that Thrash or Speed Metal or Heavy Metal in general is in a better place then it depends because there is a lot of new types of Metal out there. You have Grindcore and all kinds of Black Metal, White Metal, Death Metal just so many other different types but its opened up a lot of doors for different people that are more genre specific that play one very limited type of music and do it really well. I’ve always liked to be able to push the boundaries of what I could do and Megadeth has a lot of influences that are unique to what most Metal bands would do. We have Jazz and Classical influences which I think really helps give us that advantage over a lot of bands that don’t have those influences.
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Exodus’ “Bonded By Blood” Now Thirty Years Old (1985-2015)

Believe it or not today marks the day that the very first album by Bay Area Thrashers Exodus had arrived on the shelves of record stores everywhere; I am speaking of the molten moshpit inciter of “Bonded By Blood” which celebrates its 30th Anniversary today. Now before I go any further I have to admit that I was not a fan of this kind of Metal back in that time period as it was still just a little “too much” for me despite my enjoying some Slayer, Metallica and lots of what was going to be referred to as Power Metal eventually. Don’t worry though my friends as I would eventually grow to better appreciate works such as this one even if it was as a latecomer.
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Slayer’s “Show No Mercy”; Still Merciless @ 30 Years (1983-2013)

It was thirty years ago today that the Metal darkness known as Slayer released their debut album “Show No Mercy” on Metal Blade Records and while the Thrash Metal movement was still growing thanks to bands like Metallica and Raven, it was going to get a serious and more intense boot to the posterior based on this album. Slayer had been together since 1981 when Kerry King formed the group with drummer Dave Lombardo then added Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya to the final roster and their earliest imagery paid heavy focus to Satanic iconography and the same principles applied to their music. Songs that would eventually make up the “Show No Mercy” debut. The guys in the band had to self-finance the release even though they had been signed but let’s face it, Metal Blade Records had only been around for a year at this time and Metal while popular in some circles was really quite the underground thing (especially with the kinds of bands that they were featuring back then). Now I will admit that back in 1983 I was not listening to Metal that was this intense and it would take me a few years to get into Slayer but clearly the band was onto something because their material and live presence was sheer brutality. I was often told by friends who had seen them during their formative years that you never forgot a Slayer show and that you would rarely leave unscathed after attending one. They had bruises to prove it but that never stopped them from going to another nearby show if it was possible to do so. Reception wise, according to the album’s Wiki entry “Show No Mercy” would become one of Metal Blade Records highest selling albums and that is something that Kerry King, Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo should be very proud of as musicians. Sadly the Metal world lost founding member Jeff Hanneman earlier in the year so I toast him for this accomplishment posthumously. It is however safe to say that his memory and influence still resonate loud across the genre. Today’s Metal scene also finds original drummer Dave Lombardo out of the lineup and replaced by the talented Paul Bostaph.
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“Immortalis” (Deluxe Edition) by Overkill

Artist: Overkill
Title: “Immortalis” Deluxe Edition
Label: E1 Entertainment
Release Date: 10/25/2010
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Almost as fast as it appeared as a brand name for music, Bodog Music was gone and that left our boys in Overkill needing a label in order to properly deliver their message of Thrash Metal mayhem. Fortunately the band would lock in a deal with Nuclear Blast Records in Europe and E1 Entertainment here in the good old USA and all was well in the world. The band had released what was cited as their finest work to date with “Iron Bound” and even better for their fans, would re-release the album “Immortalis” and the live DVD “Live At Wacken 2007” in one sleek package. Having reviewed each item when they were initially released I am re-presenting those words for your ease of keeping track. Then I will close out with a few additional thoughts. Here we go.

Now some twenty seven years into their career the guys in Overkill have little to prove about their mastery of the Thrash Metal movement that is now mainly considered a vital segment of the hallowed Old School sound that many of us grew up on. Despite this, the legendary Thrashers return with “Immortalis”, their 14th studio effort, and it is here that we find the band returning more to their classic sound with just enough of the Metal fury of today. It also found the band reunited with Johnny and Marsha Zazula who helped initially launch the Overkill name into the Metal stratosphere. As an album it’s solid and definitely shows the world that they are not relics from the past who don’t know the scene that is around in Metal’s present day. One of the songs that prove this quite clearly is “Skull And Bones” which offers up a duet between Blitz and Randy Blythe from that band they call Lamb Of God (perhaps some of you have heard of them :). The two bands shared the stage at the second Gigantour and it was a great way for the Old School to meet the New. When compared to their last studio release “ReliXIV”, I have to admit that I liked this one a little bit more because on top of the thrashing there was a little more musical experimentation than I expected to find Overkill doing. Continue reading “Immortalis” (Deluxe Edition) by Overkill

“Thrashing Like A Maniac” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Thrashing Like A Maniac”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date: 2/5/2008
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

During my own formative musical years I was fortunate enough to have the original titans of the Thrash Metal genre providing me with lessons and influence that would be carried on strong for a long time and looking back on it I had to say that it was great to be a fan of this stuff and watch the progression of Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth. The repertoire of these groups and several more like them are legendary and have not lost an ounce of their initial impact and with that being said, who shall pick up the ball and run with it into the next few decades? This rousing CD aims to answer that question as it offers up sixteen bands that are slowly building up their own names on the Metal geography and using the lessons taught by the past masters to do it properly. The adventure begins with a band that names themselves after a classic album by Exodus and does some justice with their “Immortal Life”. Lots of quick riffs and double bass drumming in this. Evile from the UK comes up next and these guys are stars in the making. I have been lucky to catch them in concert a few times and they do it up right. I found it interesting to hear the singer on this one sounding a little like classic Araya from Slayer. Municipal Waste are more of a cross over to the Hard core sound kind of band and if you are looking for the new champions of that sound then look no further than these guys.
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