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The Noble Collection & Super7 @ New York Comic Con 2022

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Hey there my friends, so welcome back to another piece of the larger media puzzle that is the New York Comic Con. So as you might be aware, the overall day to day NYCC coverage has finished posting but one of the things I decided to do this time around was additional special feature posts to aim the spotlight at something on its own. Part of the reason for doing this was based on the lack of a Toy Fair this year and also this coming winter in 2023. It will be back in September of 2023 as previously mentioned. With that said let’s have a quick look at what was going on at the booths of The Noble Collection and Super7 and if you are only just now joining us and want to see the full NYCC presentations from the beginning just click HERE to do that.

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One of the coolest things that The Noble Collection has for me as a collector are the Bendyfigs. When I was younger I remember the bendy figures from assorted companies and they looked okay at best and were limited in overall poseability. The Bendyfigs have raised the game on this idea and as result I want a whole bunch of them.

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Scenes From The Toy Insider’s “Sweet Suite” 2022 @ Chelsea Piers

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Since 2016, the PiercingMetal website has been attending the Toy Insider’s annual “Sweet Suite” event which for the last two years had moved into the virtual space based on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Those events were interesting but now with the world getting more pace with what amounted to “normal” once again, they would be returning to an in-person “Sweet Suite” and it would be back right where we last left it at the Chelsea Piers.

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