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“The Imbuing” by Gizmachi

Artist: Gizmachi
Title: “The Imbuing”
Label: Sanctuary Records/Big Orange Clown
Release Date: 5/3/2005
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 6.5/10

Gizmachi have the distinct honor of being the first act signed to new label Big Orange Clown. This label is not only a subdivision of Sanctuary Records, but it is also under the watchful eye of M. Shawn Crahan who is most noted for his role as Clown #6 of Slipknot. Crahan had a heavy hand in the production of the group so you can count on it being heavy and well produced. The kick off to the CD is interesting as it blends Alice In Chains like harmonies amidst the pounding brand of metal they do. Musically there is a lot of great hooks and some interesting changes. I did not like a lot of the vocals for it falls into the growling screamer most of the time and this is done far too much these days. When singer Sean Kane uses more melody in his style it works a lot more for me. The drumwork laid down by Jimmie Hatcher is above par, lots of interesting time signatures and rolls throughout the piece.
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