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Acey Slade & The Dark Party in Concert (6/15/2012)

I’ve been a fan of the creative force of music known as Acey Slade for a few years now and since I first started using the website to report on his adventures have watched him perform with Wednesday 13, heard him rock the socks with Trashlight Vision and now continue to surprise his fans with The Dark Party. Sadly its been awhile since I had been been able to catch him perform which made this evenings performance at The Studio in Webster Hall something that I just did not want to miss out on. The show would be a dose of Rock and Roll interesting from local opener to headliner as the young Rockers Stiletto would start it all up and be followed by The Wild Ones, Bad Dog Bad and the Black Angels NYC. Whew, this sounds like a lot to enjoy doesn’t it? To see the comprehensive show review just click the logo below to be brought over to the main PiercingMetal site and then by all means keep scrolling down this blog posting to enjoy some side images and video that I am only presenting to you here.

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Seventh Void & Suicide City @ Highline Ballroom (2/11/2010)

Logo - Seventh Void

Artist: Seventh Void
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Suicide City, Acey Slade, Pui, The Party Death
Date: 2/11/2010
Label: Big Vin Records

I think that that it was still summer when I last attended one of the Cirque du Rock events over at the Highline Ballroom and here we were again at their event entitled “Hypothermia”. It was the perfect name for the show when one considers how the city had just been hit by a reasonably powerful blizzard. There was about a foot of snow piled up in the city and thanks to the snow plows people were able to get out and do some rocking at the venue with all the talented people that were involved tonight. This was a loaded menu to say the least and it would once again feature CDR acts and these would come between a seemingly endless roster of bands that would be playing their Metal and Punk Rock hearts out. Delivering the musical goods tonight would be Seventh Void, the crushing Heavy Metal band that features Johnny and Kenny from Type-O-Negative, Suicide City, Acey Slade and the Dark Party, Pui and The Party Death. That’s one hell of a lineup and the evening would also be slightly historic for it was reported earlier in the week that tonight’s show would be the final Suicide City performance ever. Our musical program would start off with The Party Death and while the doors for the show opened at 7pm, the event would not be rolling along until after 8pm. Here is how everything went for those who sadly missed out.
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