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Now Streaming: “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” On CW Seed (12/11/2017)

freedom fighters: the ray logo

As a fan of the live-action television shows that The CW Network has been putting out there for the world’s greatest DC Comics superheroes and villains, I am happy to share that the next animated feature will be hitting a computer screen or mobile device of your choice with “Freedom Fighters: The Ray”. Check out the cool poster and some premise and casting.

television posters, freedom fighters: the ray, the cw network

The Premise: Raymond “Ray” Terrill is a lawyer who discovers a doppelganger of himself from another Earth. The man disappears, and gives him light-based powers, and he is recruited to join the Freedom Fighters.

Main Cast:
Russell Tovey as Ray Terrill/The Ray and Earth-X Counterpart
Jason Mitchell as John Trujillo and Earth-X counterpart, Black Condor of the Freedom Fighters
Dilshad Vadsaria as Jenny Knight and Earth-X countepart, Phantom Lady of the Freedom Fighters
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