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Stream Ghost’s “Meliora” In Full Now

Logo - Ghost

In a few short days, those masters of mystery and Satanic subterfuge Ghost will release their third full length album entitled “Meliora” on Loma Vista Records. It will be the general public of the worlds official first time hearing new singer Papa Emeritus III who replaced PEII a short time ago. Advance tracks and video have been great in my humble opinion and since world domination is not an easy task at all, the Clergy have thus decreed that the loyal flock does not have to wait until Friday to listen to it offerings. The whole album has been posted as a stream on the groups official website and in order to imbue your darkest sensibilities with their brand of sound just click the album cover below and it will begin to play.

CD - Ghost - Meliora

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Nope, you are not getting any more insight from me on this until I do the full on review but thanks for checking. I’m going to try and have that online ASAP so do please stay tuned because I thought the first video for “Cirice” was awesome (and was discussed on THIS LINK). Ghost is currently on a short acoustic tour to celebrate the new album and additional details can be found on THIS LINK.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com

Ghost Presents “The Summoning III”: The Battle For Philadelphia

It was only a couple of days ago that we shared the most recent bit of propaganda from Ghost in their “The Summoning” clips and it was a part of the longer official tour press release. If you missed those details please click HERE to be on point. I’m back here again with an additional message from them regarding one of the dates and some changes that have come up. Please continue.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So there you have it. The Philadelphia happening will be moved to another date to accommodate that other visiting dignitary. Don’t forget to mark down this change on your calendar, your mobile device and whatever else you use to keep track of your concert doings. I’m hoping to get to the Brooklyn event and if I end up there you can count on a show review and images right here. Cross your fingers and stay tuned is all I can add to that notion. Alright, let’s catch up again real soon.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com

Ghost @ Rough Trade NYC

Ghost have been summoned to deliver their message to the flock, and do so in an acoustic fashion at the record establishment of Rough Trade NYC. Brooklyn will never be the same after this and following the performance, fans can get the new album “Meliora” signed as well. Dare you not heed the call?

rough trade nyc logo

Ghost Will Summon The Flock For “Unholy/Unplugged” Tour 2015

Attention minions of the flock. It was just a little while ago when my websites email account started acting up and seemed to grow increasingly darker and darker with the only message shining clear through the din was the one from the High Council regarding activities with the spooktacular Ghost. According to these writings, the group will introduce the North American territories to their new singer Papa Emeritus III by paying visit to several record outlets. New music will be performed to help increase your darker desires and there will be the chance to have a brief audience with the band as you graciously hand over money for their new masterpiece. Check out the poster and the official press release below.

Tour - Ghost - Unplugged - 2015

The Press Release:
LINKÖPING, SWEDEN – AUGUST 10, 2015 – Ghost have been summoned stateside for a procession christened the Unholy/Unplugged Tour. The five-city outing will take Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls to some of the nation’s most highly regarded record selling institutions. Blessed attendees will enjoy a rare stripped down acoustic live performance of new songs followed by a signing of their new album Meliora. The occasion will mark Papa Emeritus III’s inaugural visit to the United States. See below for complete details.
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Ghost Says “Hello Papa Emeritus III”

It’s been a couple of months since we all first learned of the replacement of Papa Emeritus II by his younger brother Papa Emeritus III in a clip that we shared HERE. Now let’s get a good look at him.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: PEIII sure looks ominous and ready for the task at hand don’t you think? I hope that you nodded “yes” to the inquiry because we shall have no dissidence in the rank and file among our readership. I’m going to guess that I didn’t miss a second chapter of “The Summoning” clips, if they are even making this a series of shorts, because this one was just an overview of Papa III’s attire and grim visage. Let’s keep watching right? What do you readers think of this new face and his potential in leading The Nameless Ghouls to dominance? Chime in down below and remember to order the new and older works in the event that you don’t have them.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com