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HBO Max Presents “The Last Of Us” Official Trailer

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The gamers of the world are well versed in the premise of “The Last Of Us” which is apparently about surviving a post-Apocalyptic scenario and making it safely from point A to point B and while it sounds interesting, I haven’t played and don’t really consider myself the biggest gamer out there. I’d love to do more of that but there is only so much time in the day. The games popularity have led it to becoming a series that will be broadcast on the HBO Max streaming service. I’ve embedded the trailer, some premise and casting along with promotional art down below so let’s get on with the show. Presenting the first Official Trailer for “The Last Of Us”. Enjoy.

The Premise: Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across post-pandemic America (c/o IMDB).
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Marvel Studios “Werewolf By Night” Official Trailer

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The reveals and the trailers are coming in strong from the currently in progress D23 Convention and I am getting to as many as I can for the PiercingMetal Geek side of the fence and my broader lifestyle brand readers over on “The Chronicles”. This one was one that I was looking forward to as its based on the classic “Werewolf By Night” comic so let’s take a look at this new trailer for the special that will be on Disney+ in October.

The Premise: A secret group of monster hunters gather at Bloodstone Castle following the death of their leader and engage in a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic, which will bring them face to face with a dangerous monster. (c/o Wiki)
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Lucasfilm Presents: “Star Wars: Andor” Official Trailer 2

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As I’ve touched upon the topic of the next installment in the Star Wars mythology with “Star Wars: Andor”, I’m going to say if you’ve any interest in the collected amount of posts done for the PiercingMetal Pop Culture section, you can just click HERE to see the full rundown. The series will premiere in just under two weeks and its being reported that a total of “3” episodes will be its streaming debut. With that said let’s take a look at what amounts to the second full Official Trailer down below. I’ve also kept the premise and casting from the previous installment but swapped the “Coming Soon” artwork with the “Official Release” artwork. Enjoy and oh yeah “May The Force Be With You”…

The Premise: Beginning five years before the events of “Rogue One”, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters during the time that a Rebel Alliance is forming in opposition to the Galactic Empire. One of these characters is Cassian Andor, a thief who becomes a revolutionary and eventually joins the Rebellion. (c/o Wiki).
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Lucasfilm Presents “The Mandalorian” Season 3 Teaser Trailer

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Though it feels like a long time to wait for this one, the first teaser trailer for “The Mandalorian” Season 3 was recently released by the fine folks at Lucasfilm. This will air on the Disney+ streaming service and they are doing great with expanding the Star Wars universe. “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” was solid and I am very much looking forward to “Star Wars: Andor” as that one will lead us into the story we watched in the stellar “Rogue One” film. While I will obviously be keeping tabs on this one, I only had some of the casting and the larger series premise to cite for the newbies. There was no new artwork at the time of this post and with that being said here is the teaser trailer for “The Mandalorian” season three.

The Premise: Beginning five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Galactic Empire, The Mandalorian follows Din Djarin, a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. He is hired by remnant Imperial forces to retrieve the child Grogu, but instead goes on the run to protect the infant. While looking to reunite Grogu with his kind, they are pursued by Moff Gideon, who wants to use Grogu’s connection to the Force. The duo then travel to Mandalore so Din Djarin can redeem himself for the transgression of removing his helmet.
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Netflix Presents “Wednesday” Official Teaser

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Though the original series began airing a year before I was even born, I can truly say that I grew up watching the original black and white series “The Addams Family” based on it being in syndication and broadcast during hours that I was allowed to watch television. So with such a tenured exposure to these zany characters, I just love seeing them expanded upon. With all of us “knowing” Wednesday as a little girl, it will be interesting to see how this story progresses into the future. Netflix has released the first teaser from their upcoming original series “Wednesday”. Take a look at the trailer and learn some more about the series.

The Premise:
The series will be a coming-of-age supernatural mystery comedy focusing on Wednesday Addams and her years as a high school student at Nevermore Academy, where she attempts to master her psychic powers, stop a monstrous killing spree of the town citizens, and solve the supernatural mystery that affected her family 25 years ago—all while navigating her new relationships.
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