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The CW Network Cancels “Legends Of Tomorrow” After Season 7 Finale

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More than a month after the Seventh Season finale, the CW Entertainment Network has cancelled DC’s “Legends Of Tomorrow” series. Below you’ll find the tweet sent out by showrunner Keto Shimizu. I’ll add more later on.

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Rundown Of “The Twilight Zone” Marathon Airing On SyFy Network 12/31/2021-1/2/2022

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Though I don’t remember when they actually started doing this, for the past few years the fine folks over at the SyFy network have been serving up a very loaded marathon of the Science Fiction classic series “The Twilight Zone”. Now I am talking about the original series that featured the great Rod Serling and not one of the many redos and relaunches that have surfaced over time. When I ran this feature in 2020 the goal was to keep all of you inside because it was just too unpredictable out there in terms of the virus. Since then we’ve come up with the vaccine and the world has set itself on two different sides while variants of the strain keep on coming. Over the past few weeks that latest one has caused a lot of grief so maybe staying inside and keeping to yourself once more isn’t a bad idea. This past year has found my making the website much more of a Metalized Geek Culture site and that leads me to listing the full marathon rundown for those interested once again. As a Science Fiction buff, I’ve long loved this series and plan on tuning in across the marathon for those very favorite episodes but I don’t think I am programming the DVR this time around. So now let’s get on down to business and learn which of the episodes are airing and when.

Friday, December 31, 2021:
2:00am – The Parallel
3:00am – Where is Everybody?
3:30am – One For the Angels
4:00am – Mr. Denton on Doomsday
4:30am – The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine
5:00am – The Incredible World of Horace Ford
6:00am – Judgment Night
6:30am – The Purple Testament
7:00am – Elegy
7:30am – Nightmare As a Child
8:00am – Valley of the Shadow
8:50am – The Chaser
9:15am – A World of His Own
9:40am – King Nine Will Not Return
10:05am – Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
10:55am – A Thing About Machines
11:20am – The Trouble With Templeton
11:45am – Back There
12:10pm – Mr. Dingle, the Strong
12:35am – The Rip Van Winkle Caper
1:00pm – The Mind and the Matter
1:25pm – The Arrival
1:50pm – The Passersby
2:15pm – A Quality of Mercy
2:40pm – Nothing in the Dark
3:05pm – The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
3:30pm – The Trade-Ins
3:55pm – Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
4:20pm – Young Man’s Fancy
4:45pm – Cavender Is Coming
5:10pm – An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
5:35pm – The New Exhibit
6:25pm – A Kind of Stopwatch
6:50pm – The Last Night of a Jockey
7:15pm – Living Doll
7:40pm – Time Enough at Last
8:05pm – Perchance to Dream
8:30pm – The Hitch
8:55pm – The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
9:20pm – A World of Difference
9:45pm – Night of the Meek
10:10pm – The Odyssey of Flight 33
10:35pm – Long Distance Call
11:00pm – Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?
11:25pm – The Shelter
11:50pm – The Fugitive
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Paramount+ To Celebrate “Star Trek Day” 2021 w Panels, Appearances and More

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The Press Release:
Join Paramount+ and fans from around the world for a live-streamed celebration of Star Trek Day on Wednesday, September 8th at 5:30 PM, PT/8:30 PM, ET. Live from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California, Star Trek Day will be hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton and feature back-to-back in-person conversations with cast members and creative minds from the Star Trek Universe, legacy moments with iconic cast, plus surprise appearances, announcements and reveals throughout. The live-streamed celebration and additional information on Star Trek Day programming and initiatives can be found at StarTrek.com/Day.

star trek, star trek day, star trek day 2021, paramount plus

On September 8, 1966, Star Trek graced television screens for the first time with “The Man Trap,” the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. On that day, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry introduced audiences to a world that championed diversity, inclusion, acceptance and hope. Fifty-five years later, Paramount+ will honor this important day and the franchise’s enduring legacy, with the service’s second annual Star Trek Day celebration, providing fans with a memorable way to enjoy and celebrate all things Star Trek.
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Night Flight Launches 24/7 Independent Music Video Channel

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The Press Release:
Featuring an eclectic mix of independent music videos from Sub Pop, Dais, RVNG Intl., Dark Entries and more to come. Artists include Clipping., Kate NV, Orville Peck, Drab Majesty, King Khan, and Patrick Cowley.

Pioneering music TV series Night Flight has launched a 24/7 TV channel dedicated to independent artists and labels on its popular streaming platform Night Flight Plus. The new channel coincides with the arrival of revered reissue label Dark Entries on the apps, who will join the current Night Flight label partners that include Sub Pop, Dais, and Rvng Intl. Drag City will be arriving next, with more labels to come in 2021.
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Rundown Of “The Twilight Zone” Marathon Airing On SyFy Network 12/31/20-1/2/2021

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As many Science Fiction fans know, for the last few years, the Syfy network has been running a marathon of the classic series “The Twilight Zone” and it begins very early on New Year’s Eve and runs past New Year’s Day into the next. Since we know that a whole bunch of our geek-minded readership are fans of this Rod Serling classic, I wanted to make sure that I lined out the full rundown of the episodes that we can begin enjoying at the crack of dawn. I know I’ve said this before but I will repeat by saying that it’s remained one of my own favorite shows and stars so many legendary actors. Many of them were only getting their start in the business when they starred on an episode or two. Now without anyfurther adieu let’s see which episodes are airing and which ones you might want to record.

Thursday, 12/31/2020:
6:00AM – Where Is Everybody
6:30AM – One For The Angels
7:00AM – Mr. Denton on Doomsday
7:30AM – The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine
8:00AM – Walking Distance
8:25AM – Escape Clause
8:50AM – The Lonely
9:15AM – Judgement Night
9:40AM – And When The Sky Was Opened
10:05AM – What You Need
10:30AM – The Four Of Us Are Dying
10:55AM – Third From The Sun
11:20AM – I Shot An Arrow Into The Air
11:45AM – The Fever
12:10PM – The Last Flight
12:35PM – The Purple Testament
1:00PM – Elegy
1:25PM – Mirror Image
1:50PM – Long Live Walter Jameson
2:15PM – People Are Alike All Over
2:40PM – Execution
3:05PM – The Big Tall Wish
3:30PM – Nightmare As A Child
3:55PM – The Chaser
4:20PM – A Passage For Trumpet
4:45PM – Mr. Bevis
5:10PM – The After Hours
5:35PM – The Mighty Casey
6:00PM – A World Of His Own
6:25PM – King Nine Will Not Return
6:50PM – Time Enough At Last
7:15PM – Perchance To Dream
7:40PM – The Hitchhiker
8:05PM – The Monsters Are Due On Main Street
8:30PM – A World Of Difference
8:55PM = A Nice Place To Visit
9:20PM – A Stop At Willoughby
9:45PM – The Howling Man
10:10PM – The Eye Of The Beholder
10:35PM – The Night Of The Meek
11:00PM – Dust
11:25PM – The Invaders
11:50PM – The Man In The Bottle
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